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My Pool of Ideas


Jun 6, 2011
So I was playing Dwarfs and I realized it had some issues, not major but some minor.

1: When playing the Tower Defense version, as a newbie to it; I had no idea what I was doing. How about, when you mouse over a tower, it gives you the name of it, with a brief description about what it does.

2: Also, when playing the tower defense, I found the spider tower to be quite useless. I can't tell a difference with/without the tower. :confused: My suggestion is to make it slow any units that come by. For an upgrade of this tower, why not increase it's range. Making it more effective.

3: A warning box. This would take all of the warning that you've gotten, such as a tunnel flooding, a cave full of monsters, into 1 box that allows you to scroll up and down. So the top of your screen isn't spammed with messages and you don't feel overwhelmed.

4: A new gui for the bottom of the screen. You made a cartoony game, but why such a serious tool bar, where you get to pick the TNT and outposts, it seems more like a dedicated RPG toolbar.

5: How about if there was 5 different textures for dirts, only would take 30 minutes. Make 5 different ways that dirt could look, then have it randomly choose one to put on a tile of dirt. Right now the dirt looks strange. Just the same, you need something to break it up.

6: A new game mode. What if you played as the undead, or spiders, to try and defeat the already made, dwarven colony? You would get gold by either finding treasure caves, and killing dwarfs. The player has to try and break through the dwarfs defenses and destroy the village, now here's the catch. The dwarfs would be allowed to make some towers from the tower defense mode, while you will not only get to spawn monsters that can dig, but get to spawn a basic monster that can attack. This game mode seems like it could be fun!

7: Another new game mode! Capture the BARREL! This would pretty much be played as capture the flag, but instead the dwarfs want their whiskey back, so your going to have to fight for it! The dwarfs wouldn't have a flag/barrel, but instead are trying to take their barrel back. The monsters would have a massive cave at the other end of the map, heavily guarded of course. The player is limited 1 outpost. Then like treasure, if a dwarf sees the barrel he will pick it up, but since it's so heavy it slows him down. Making him a prime, and easy target for enemy's. The enemy's themselves can take back the barrel to their base.

So far that's all that I have come up with. (Yeah, I like the tower defense game.) I think these might just be my issues, but I think they would be good if changed/added! :)
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