My DLC Take

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 19, 2020
A DLC for Maneater, being the game it is, can go many ways. One way would be to allow a second story mode with another breed of shark on the same story maps but with slightly definitely standard capabilities. That would be considered, for me, a pre-game DLC. The main and true DLC would be a two-part release. A Season Two, which I know has floated around, with a hunter/host based more off of the River Monsters guy with a few more food/enemy species. This sounds fun. Maybe a different breed, again (freshwater adaptation explained by a spontaneous mutation) and enemies like Anacondas or Pythons and Piranhas.

Then the real meat, Season 3: The Open Ocean. Great White preferred as player shark breed so as to be Megalodon when Mega size. Ocean Apex Predators like Squid and various whales/other sharks and the map is a whole section of ocean with a large resort positioned on an island. The areas within the map segmented like a wagon wheel, kind of. A large ring surrounding the island and it's surrounding oceans themselves, then the inner ocean/island segmented more similarly to the Catching Fire arena, with tunnels crisscrossing underneath the island. The very center would be a circular area, actually the resort's pool where you would break in through most likely a sewer tunnel. You would start off as an exhibit at the resort's aquarium, recently caught by the DLC nemesis and brought there, biting your handler's hand when they go to feed you and with you clamped onto the hand, the handler throws his hand up and you let go to go flying into the nearby sewer drain which is where you begin your growth as the budding (possible) Megalodon with terrifying new mutations like Psychic which allows you to teleport on evasion and causes enemies to become confused the more you bite them (modified damage with Tailwhip which would launch a ball of psychic energy similar to the Shadow Set's poison ball) or the Chameleon Set which when using the Active ability allowed no hunters to target you temporarily (higher hunter waves possible resistance due to 'upgraded' gear while hunter bosses are immune). Third possible set could be Tempest, where you have an AoE of cutting winds around your bite and cause twisters that can damage smaller fishing boats and destroy smaller craft than that like jet skis or paddle boats (if those were even there, you never know).