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Aug 24, 2017
Surviving with trainees/NPCs
PS4 user here, wondering if we can make it more competitive and give people a reason to do well. Reward them. Idk let's start a discussion on ideas.

At the end of a match awards are given.
If one person gets majority of them they get MVP and have a small icon next to them when seen by others. Medics will want to give them more attention for being better than the clots on the team.
++Maybe give a bonus to dosh earned next match or %5 damage resistance buff.


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Apr 27, 2021
The biggest issue I have with this on principle is that, all other issues aside, it further encourages killhogging and similar behaviors in a game that already has lots of problems with that behavior in pubs. This game already has near anarchy in pub Hell on Earth games, and making the endgame screen give boons like this would only further entrench that mindset.

But even on top of that, there are issues:
  • This setup absolutely favors certain perks and builds over others.
Consider the following:
Most end-game awards are based on damage, which automatically means Medic is out of the running for this (unless that Medic is a right-side medic who is literally carrying a squad of dinks, which I'm taking into account as an exception rather than the norm). Since most of them are based on damage, many of them feed into one another (e.g. "most dosh" and "highest damage" are usually going to be the players killing the most things). Medic should always have the healing award and basically anyone can snipe the boss for that kill, even if some have it easier than others.

Which perks are good at farming kills in most circumstances? Well...

Firebug does this pretty much by default since it's designed to kill trash without having to aim. Most of the weapons are designed to function well in this capacity when spammed at chokepoints. In fact, it just got a new weapon--the Thermite Bore--which is the epitome of "lazy chokepoint spam" wrapped up in a convenient package for Firebugs that don't want to get close (you know, one of the major balancing factors of the flame weapons). Just set it and forget it.

Demolitionist's ideal loadout for its main role--which is deleting large Zeds--consists of (RPG + C4 + .500), all of which are weapons that inflict heavy spike damage and/or set up enemies to be finished off with the aforementioned spike damage. A loadout like this will not top kills in a pub. However, Demo also has a number of weapons that make it less effective in its ideal role to instead make it more effective at killing trash. Most of these loadouts involve magazine-fed weapons that work best when spammed at a chokepoint to funnel all the Zeds into the blast radius. Meaning if they want the MVP award, their best option is to throw any semblance of role or teamwork to the wind and pick trash-oriented spam weapons.

Berserker and melee Survivalists, when set up at a chokepoint and especially with a Medic, can force the Zeds to deal with them first, allowing them first pickings at all the Zeds with little regard to their teammates that are likely behind them. While this certainly works out for the Medic and Berserker, it puts the remainder of the team at the mercy of the Berserker to either spam projectiles in his direction and hope that they kill things behind the Zerk and/or the Zerk doesn't block their shots, or to give up and find another lane if precision perks are involved. If there are no other lanes, sucks to suck; might as well quit and find a different server.

In fact, the issue of chaos perks already making life difficult for precision perks would only be further emphasized with this setup, as when in doubt, picking a trigger-happy spam class to avoid having to aim in order to farm kills is always an option.
  • it would encourage certain maps over others for ease of farming boons
Farmhouse, Spillway, freaking Prison watchtower are all commonly spammed maps. This would only exacerbate that because why wouldn't anyone want to pick an easy map to farm kills? They'd be rewarded for it.
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