[Mutator] RO1ChatterMut

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May 22, 2011
Can you specify the changes or is that hush hush? I don't know what exactly you could change from the sound mutators other than the... sounds... :confused:

With the mutator players can toggle between RO1 and RO2 chatter cues. They can do that with the console command that the mutator adds. This dynamic switching of the sound cues can be a force on the memory at player side. The old sounds need to be unloaded and the new loaded. They are afraid that this might crash the players RO2 and if that happens the player will complain about RO2 crashing. I myself never did have crashing issues with toggling the sound cues, but I do not know how much free ram others do have. For this reason the dynamic toggling (while in-game) of the sound cues will be removed from the mutator. The player can use the steam workshop to configuration stream either using the RO1 cues or the RO2 cues. This means that you still will be able to either hear the RO1 cues or the RO2 cues, but won't be able to toggle them dynamically.


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Jun 21, 2012
Great news Ducky and thanks for the information.

Are you going to include the ro1 chatter *as well as* different weapon sounds (see bobsynergy's mutator)?