Mutator list like in Killing Floor 1

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Jun 14, 2014
As the title implies, is Tripwire plan to have a mutator list like in the first game. Where you have the list of mutators on the left and you add them to the right and that allows it to activate (I know many of you will know but I wanted to say it regardless). I find the current method of using mutators as cumbersome.
Forgive this BUMP on this extremely important post that's been ignored please...

In the past since 2004 I've loved this game. The mod for UT2004 was amazing by Alex Q... I know it was a bit brutal, and not as polished as TWI has made both retail versions, but it was free, and free to do with what you will, IE no whitelisting etc. THEN TWI didn't want people changing their game after they bought up the KF IP.

I'm not here to stir the pot, Most of the TWI peeps know who I am, or at least did, and threatened to ban me over my disgruntled posts in the past so I'll make this simple.

If TWI treats this game like they did their first one, and especially the original author's work, I doubt they care about mutators, or anything that changes the game's dynamics, and I say this NOT as an insult, or to be rude, it's just a fact as history has already proven, BUT this is their right since they bought up the IP, plastered their name all over it, even changing original authors of maps adding "triwipire interactive" where the original author names used to be etc. BUT AGAIN it's their IP now.. they have the right to do whatever they wish and even though it's always grinded my gears the way they've done some things in the past, I have a right to my opinion, but I'm not here to S@#@#@#@ talk TWI. I still love their version of this game, and they've done an incredible job on both TWIKF and TWIKF2.

Out of respect for tripwire, I can only say on the case of mutators that make the game more amazing than it already is, and add play-ability and longevity to the games... Good luck. I mean case in point, I decided I'd host a server again after a few years of being MIA and coming back to the KF opus, and I can't even find a damn simple server ads mutator that's whitelisted after using two of 'em, at least not yet. All I want is to advertise my clan's stuff DURING the game, not only once on a screen when people join, click out of it 'cause they don't care, and never see it again etc. After all, I'm the one paying for the game, and the servers to host it on etc.. So Tripwire, old friends, PLEASE point me in the direction of where I could find a list of mutators that work, without having to sift through the broken workshop, along with so many broken mutators that make the servers useless, 'cause there's tons of zombie games out there that are amazing, but so many of us only play KF for the Ranking/XP/upgrades, etc. This isn't an opinion, it's a fact as 16 years of this game has proven.

I mean no disrespect TWI, But I'm certainly not afraid to share my opinions and ask for help. Thank you for your time!

Currently {OCS}PaPa-D -Out Cast Snipers Multi-Game Adult Oriented Sniper Clan

P.S. where do I need to post to change my name? Thank you:)
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