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Multiple performance issues on a capable PC


Active member
Feb 1, 2011
Okay, maybe not multiple, but two really big ones that are killing my enjoyment for the game:

Random performance stutters
Really high ping


AMD FX-6300

Steps to mitigate issues:

Closed all programs asides from Steam, KF2 and SuperF4 (A dedicated task killer)
Reduced visual settings with INI tweaks, even going as far as to have the game render at 540p

Really want to confirm that I'm not the only one with these issues, cuz other games I have played include Doom 2016 (Less issues with lag despite using p2p matchmaking) and SoulCalibur VI (Fighting games are much more network intense than shooters)


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 20, 2015
Performance stutters is something i've reported about like a few events ago.
Only now its even worse since the game can't smoothly load the player characters without causing freezes.
(doesn't help your case much since you're using a garbage cpu)

Idk, also been getting fps dips on maps that i didn't have before... Maybe is it because the game weights 55GB and the engine just can't handle that much weight?
Characters take 1/4 of the space lol.

Dunno about lag tho.
So far on regular servers that i play it runs fine.