Mr. Foster Robo Scully/Gas Mask Clipping

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 30, 2021
Category: 3D Art (character model)
Reproducibility: Always
Summary: When any of the Robo Scully cosmetics are applied to Mr. Foster, it appears that a fragment of his gas mask clips through on the left side of the helmet (his right side).
Description: This appears on at least the Sellout and True Neutral variants of the Robo Scully helmet. The piece that is clipping does not appear to be a part of the actual gas mask, as it is a 2D sliver and does not actually look like it is shaped like any part of the gas mask. However, it will change colors based on what gas mask variant you have equipped under the mask. It is only viewable when you are looking at him head-on on your left side (Mr. Foster's right side). It appears invisible when looking at it from the other side, and the clipping only appears on one side. I am seeing this while on high character detail settings. This appears both online and offline. Reproducibility steps below:
1) Go to character gear menu
2) Navigate to Mr. Foster
3. Equip Robo Scully helmet (Sellout and True Neutral are confirmed models to work with this bug)
4. Move character so you are looking at the right side of his face
5. Clipping appears near the bottom of the visor of the helmet


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