Movement speeds?! Unrealistic. (video)

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Apr 1, 2006
An interview is more effective if the interviewer knows nothing about the game. The people out there that do not know anything about RO would gain nothing from an interviewer that reads the forums and does not need basic questions answered. I thought the interview was great and it probably drew a lot of new attention to the game.

Not quite, the most effective interviewer is one who has done his homework, but knows to ask even the most basic questions (faking ignorance, i guess you could say), because this way, not only does he ask the basic questions that non-fans may need answered, but he will know to ask leading questions that provides an opening to talk about the new and unique things, that non-fans might not know even existed, the person beeing interviewed may also forget to talk about various things, even very important things, because he's beeing put under the spotlight, and that's when an interviewer really needs to be prepared.

Now this guy, he seems sympathetic, but he was not prepared, he did a good job asking the basic questions because it was all brand new to him, but Ramm constantly had to take control of the interview to highligt all the things he obviously didn't know about, and that is not an ideal situation (what if Ramm had been stressed out and forgetfull?).

There's another 4-part interview from PAX on Youtube that has the opposite problem, here the person is obviously familiar with RO1 and even knows a fair bit about HoS also, and that interview is not as good at explaining the mundane things, but since the person knows to ask, it goes into better detail about the new things, that just goes to show the 2 different sides of the spectrum.

Ideally, an interviewer should be able to shine a spotlight on both sides, not just one or the other.

Personally, I think people sprint too much in RO. Really you'd mostly be jogging, when you're in a safe area.

People obviously want to get to the fight fast, and i don't see how that can be helped, players will want to get to the good positions before the enemy takes them, and that's allways going to be a factor.

And once they are there, so's the enemy usually, and then they aren't in safety anymore, causing the need to sprint from cover to cover.

I think the new breathing system is probably the best that can be done to avoid players sprinting everywhere when they may not need to, as beeing short of breath puts them at a disadvantage, but exactly how it will pan out, we just wont know untill we see it in action.


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May 9, 2009
What I'm really worried about is that the Axis have different animations for 1st and 3rd currently. I do hope this changes. I know it's late Alpha or early beta, but it can be something that is easily forgotten.;)