Mosin needs to be 1shot kill

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Jul 8, 2014
Playing bit of campaign I noticed how weak Mosin is. So many times I get shot because for some reason when you shot someone in leg or shoulder they are still alive.

It should be one shot kill to all parts of body excepty for feets or hands. Come on i've seen what Kar98 do to meat and animals. It would break all inside. Bones would break and be all over the muscle.

I mean if not for real life, at least for balance it should be one shot kill. 5 bullets, slow rate of fire. It's kill or be killed weapon. It should be rewarding, it should reward good aim. Not like now, there is no reason to take it over other weapons because they too kill with one shot in body.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 24, 2012
I agree! I tried Mosin on a couple occassions, but it is so underpowered compared to an AK that there is no reason to take it.

Increasing its damage and/or zoom would help a bit.
But still I feel that it's a pity considering that it was widespread in Vietnam, and even if it was a one shot kill to arms and legs, I doubt many would take it.