More tips at the loading screen?

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Carl Gustav

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 16, 2010
The free weekend is coming and there'll be lots of newbies, so i thought the loading screen could use some more up to date tips. What do you guys say about this? Write your tips :) I'll start:

The Husk is resistant to fire, so don't try to kill him with a flamethrower!
Stacked pipebombs deal less damage, try to spread them out!
At higher levels, the medic tank the fleshpound, while the team is shooting at it!
Don't underestimate the 9mm tactical pistol! It can kill lower-grade zeds when needed!
As Demolitions, try not to shoot grenades from your launcher at scrakes grenades will not deal enough damage for the launcher to be efficent!


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 26, 2010
Honestly if you was new, would you knowto stay away? :p Some people like me just enjoy playing with others and making a challenge out of it. To be honest if you want to win, go to a private server lol.