More severe darkening effect.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 9, 2006
Ok it has recently come to my attention that the darkening effect compared to the bluring is alot less hindering when your being fired at, i heard people say that with the darkening effect they can still shoot accuratly even though the mg is firing at them. Look at the thread
(question about blurring) in the general section if you dont believe me, this is a post from that thread
"Actually for me and a lot of other people all that happens is the the screen goes slightly dark at the edges, you can still see perfectly well and take out snipers and MGers no problem."

I dunno about you but i feel the whole usefullness of the suppression system is a joke because of this really whats the point of having the excellant suppression blur if people have an option of a less hindering one. Because of this i no longer have any faith that when i fire over a sniper his aiming is actually hampered in any way so as the title goes a more severe darkening affect when bullets wiz by so those unaware that the darkening effect is alot less hindering will be on a level playing field.


FNG / Fresh Meat
You should try yourself before beliving what anyone says (including me)

Myself think that the darkening effect is even more severe than the blurring effect, especially if arty is close (impossible to see ANYTHING)