More powerful medic weapon?

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 4, 2009
I was about to go full headlong and support the additon of that thing... until I saw the stats and especially the approximate damage of it. Don't get me wrong, the gun looks ace, is an interesting choice of weapon to model, and is all round a great example of quality work.

Hoooooooowever... damage somewhere between and Ak/Scar? This thing should maybe be 25-35 (Pistol) or 30-40 tops (Ak 35-45). Higher than the Mp7, but definately less than the Ak. Its clips I reckon is fine (30 overall for the medic), I think its ROF should be about the Ak's fire rate so its easier to control and I assume it has a healing dart attachment.

I reckon since it gets a damage boost it would have a healing reduction. Perhaps after each heal the dart has to be manually reloaded each time, like the syringe does. Furthermore I reckon it should either use the full 100 points of healing charge every heal OR it shares the heal bar with the Mp7. Maybe both.

Either way point stands. Medic is supposed to be for healing class. Give it something with a damage boost should mean a reduction in healing capability. If the gun has no healing capability, then it simply isn't a medic weapon.

Thats my


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 20, 2010
may be the next medic gun will be a smg, mid rpm, mid damage(between ak and mp7), with a pretty big mag. like tommy gun or the gun in my signature!

I still think mortar or deployable gun would be better. Long reloading, very hard aiming due to "shakes" they make when you shoot, small magazines (mortar like LAW, 1 shot per some seconds, deployable gun 30 shots per 6 seconds, but long reloads, 6 magazines maybe) and of course would be very heavy weapon reducing speed and can't move while shooting it.

Carbon Fox

FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 18, 2010


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 13, 2010
Just wait for the M7A3 to get whitelisted and maybe added to the game after it's finally touched up.