More dismemberment gore and more realistic animal behavior.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 30, 2017
First, I enjoy those evade attack on Enemies, especially the bone-fin attack to human on boats,the metal bashing sound is so satisfying! The only down-side is the dismemberment system - human seems too resistant to whatever physical brute force that applied to them,except chewed by shark. Just imagine an 2000lbs creature with hardend fins, rotating it self with high speed and charge into bunch of humans, you can definitely see heads flying,bowels splatting around..etc. I would love to see some KF2 level gore in Maneater. :)

Second, WHY hostile animals only attack me but not other preys? Am I the only creature in the water that needs to feed? And why won't they attack humans? I remember encounter a fight involving hunters,Orcas and hammerheads,all three factions only targeting me!Why? I know we are some unnatural force of destruction,but isn't those sea creatures dislike humans too?


Jun 23, 2020
I know I am a little late on this particular thread but, I am a 100% on board with you guys! They already produced an amazing game but, if they were to implement these suggestions, it would put this game over the top! I'm thoroughly grateful to see like minded gamers in here!


Active member
Mar 20, 2020
I find it amusing that we two are the only active posters on this forum. Unlikely anyone else will respond, and if they do, they'll leave a short while after and not return.
I feel like some will be back after a dlc or update is released. The bug report forum seems to get some people stopping by but yeah, it's sad not to see people as active here anymore.