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Modifying Particles Trouble


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 25, 2018
Hello, I want to modify some of the game particles and I don't know how to do it.

I downloaded the UDK that came out free with the Unreal Engine 3 which is the engine that uses this game, I tried to open the particles I need to edit them but they are not recognized or are not what I should open, they are .upk files and simply do not open in any way, I searched everywhere and only XCOM posts come out saying that you can not recompile a .upk (I did not use the KF2 UDK because there was no particle tutorials in TWI wiki or youtube).

It's not to make maps, I just want to modify certain particles of the game so that they don't appear, set their values to 0 and then if I can find tutorials of particles for the UE3 modify others, but the bad thing is that the links of the original tutorials are broken and direct me to the download page of UE4.

I have seen in a post of these forums (https://forums.tripwireinteractive....2804-increase-range-of-particle-system-render) how they can edit particles and in maps how there are particles that are not inside the game, an example is the green fire in the Infernal Realm map.

What do I have to do to edit this?


Active member
Sep 13, 2017
Not really something for the coding sections...

The UE3 and KF2 SDK are (for the most part) the same engine. Any tutorials that you find for UE3 will work for the KF2 SDK. However the KF2 SDK is modified a couple of stages ahead of UE3, TWI have included random features from UE4 into it - so the UPKs are mostly not guaranteed to be backwards compatible with UE3.

You will need to use the KF2 SDK to edit and mess with the particle systems. However there may be some restrictions for online play; there are some compatibility issues when playing/connecting online when you modify/override materials for example.