Mod: Voting Handler Fix

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Apr 1, 2013
yeah but then it would throw this mut into my white listed obj mode selection, I don't like that, and after I posted this all I had to do was force gametype to TOY and now it shows up fine ( minus server crashes after map switches) :(


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Oct 24, 2013
anyone figured out how to make the toy master a playable option thru voting mut? i put map prefix as TOY but in game no map is displayed?

After updating through Steam CMD / in the default configuration file is missing string


missing 'Maps=TOY-DevilsDollhouse'


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May 13, 2015
I am a bit noob at adding stuffs to my KF Server so please can someone help me out?

1) I dont know how does webadmin works?
2) In which folder to put the download files .int and .u files

Thanks in advance..


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Jun 14, 2015
why map change to back normal KF, all mutators removed and Balance is disable?
This mod fixes some broken features on KF Voting Handler, mainly:
- Allow vote different game modes (different settings).
- Vote time countdown (messages and voice).
It also gives spectators the ability to mapvote.

This mod is whitelisted.

Download from V2 here:

Useage (eighter):
- Edit KillingFloor.ini:

- On server WebAdmin and go to Server Console and type in following command:
Set GameInfo VotingHandlerType KFMapVoteV2.KFVotingHandler

Then to add more different game modes or mutator options, go on WebAdmin: Default > Voting GameConfig > Add in as many options you want:

And in game to chose between options; on map vote menu theres a combo box for selection of different game modes:

Interface in version 2:

So this way you can host on your server more different game options, enjoy!

Version history
- Added option to like/dislike maps (players get that choise at beginning of mapvote).
- Added so vote count list also shows which game mode is voted for.
- Fixed a bug which allowed maplist to append file extension to map names.
- Changed so admins can normally mapvote now, however they can still force mapswitch by right clicking at mapname and select "Admin force map".
- Fixed maplist disabled highlighting (when using EliminationMode or Revote limit).

- Created.


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Jun 25, 2010
as soon as i enable this mod my fastredirect gets ****ed up i have reinstalled about 4 times my server


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Mar 5, 2014
Perth, WA
FluX;n1178755 said:
Yeah im 100% behind this. What really needs to be done is like what the Unreal Series have done by adding (GameType) at the end of the map name for example: KF-Bioticslab(VSMode). The preffix gets configured so why not have it showing at end of vote too?

You can solve this with the acronym field box....

FluX;n1608628 said:
Actually that's wrong. I have noticed the ServerPackages listed make affect on whether the server is whitelisted or not. The best way is to maybe make two .ini files (yes it make conflict on ban lists etc) but this will be the only way. When a server is loaded it checks the ServerPackage files to see if they are or aren't whitelisted. If one isn't but not active in the game, it still turns whitelist off as it is still ran over a networked connection to say its being used.

Don't forget loaded muts too as some muts cause *client pollution*....and if the muts are greylisted, the clients will need to restart their entire game and rejoin or vote for the whitelisted mode and THEN restart their entire game and rejoin.....

nd2spd;n1815923 said:
Any way to turn off the 'like/dislike' system? It's annoying myself and friends.
Also, seems to be working with the new updates for me, listen server though.
This would be a nice... an option to turn off or on the like/dislike system which some server owners do not like....

mmnicolas;n1922597 said:
Sounds like you're either not using maplists and the server has to make up the list every time or you just happen to have a list with 2000 maps

Solution: check the box that says "Use Maplists" and/or try to only keep the good maps, I believe no more than a 150 exists and that's generous.

Well one guy says it's a latency issue(regardless how many maps you have on, could be 10, could be 2000) - if you have zero latency connecting to the server, that should show up instantaneous vs. another guy who joined with 400+ ping and tried to open the menu up......... Also, that solution doesn't really help if the server owner *wants* to keep more than 150+ maps.....

Marco;n1857064 said:
As I looked up this I noticed it uses a horrible slow method for getting the maplist of the server. For some reason Epic didn't make it use cache records, instead they used "GetMapName" function which is horribly optimized (every time you call it, it uses a windows function to list files in directory and generate a string array, then simply return one entry from there and discard rest of the array).
That's something I shall fix in version 3 of this mapvote.
Where's version 3 of this??
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