Mod Release - KF Gun Game v. 0.70 Alpha

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Tripwire Interactive President
Oct 11, 2005
Killing Floor Gun Game Mod version 0.70 Alpha is now available for download. Here is what the update includes:

- Added in the weapons from the Killing Floor Summer Sideshow content pack (the IJC weapons): mk23/dual mk23 pistols, HSG Shotgun, FNFAL, and M99 Sniper Rifle.
- Added a new option bShortList which can be set in the [KFGungame.KFGG] section of KillingFloor.ini. This will use a much shorter weapon list, as the list is now getting pretty big (33 weapons for a standard match, 22 for the short list match).

Server admins can grab the download from here:

Clients should just download from game servers, or as soon as Steam Workshop goes live subscribe to Gun Game here:

Don't know what Gun Game is? Check out more information (including how to set up servers) here:


Mar 26, 2012
No, but I can add that in the next version. Some of the work I did this time was to get the mod ready to allow for a custom list (i.e. defined by the server admin). I wasn't able to get that ready in time for this release, but will look at it for the next one.

Couldn't we just edit the codes and compile with a different name if we want to insert our own weapons?

As for the random gun part, the reason we didn't do that on our own is because we don't know what method we can use to do it.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 6, 2011
Michigan (USA)
I'm wondering: is it possible to get the weapons perked somehow, like, at lvl3 or something? I don't play gun game much because some of them are so rediculous in their recoil that things like the scar are no fun to use. Obviously I'm not asking to have a smooth riding SCAR with no spread or anything, but a little more ease of use would be nice :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 12, 2009
Spawn protection time would be nice, about 5 seconds. The other option would be elimination mode, you dont respawn and the next round begins when one team is wiped out.

Nice work :)


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 30, 2012
Nice mode. Makes a change from killing Zeds :)

I have set-up a 24 slot server with this mod:



FNG / Fresh Meat
May 24, 2012
Illinois, U.S.

You've have won the match!

Also - Shotguns work really weird. Seems they do very little damage whatsoever. Is the M4-203 supposed to have grenades? (I know it does in normal KF, but kinda defeats the purpose of going M79->M4-203->M32 in gun game. Overall - ehhh. I don't like the concept of killing other people in KF. Its not fun on friendly fire servers, I don't think its fun entirely on its own.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 26, 2007
Spawn protection time would be nice
in my ww2 gungame mut (edited gungame v.06) i added in the minefields from ro1, to use as spawn protection, so it's map based volume to keep the other team out of the spawn.
works really nice, i was thinking of making it when you are killed by spawn protection, you lose a gun, but never got around to adding it in.


Active member
Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
There needs to be a wall or a base were players come out and have as you say "Spawn protection"
When someone reaches the good weapons (combat SG, explosives, Flamethrower, etc) they can pretty much spawn camp.