Mission 1.2 A.I./Trip Mines and Weapon Lock bugs. PSVR Trophies Broken

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 15, 2021

Just want to start off by saying that I am enjoying the game and have played it for many hours, working towards that platinum.

However I keep running into the same issue on mission 1:2 (hard mode) where the guards will trigger their own trip mines and cause explosions which raise the alarm. The guards will then instantly find me and begin to shoot even though I’ve just entered the area. There is a chain reaction between the guards panicking and setting off mines that quickly escalates the alarm to red. For some reason when the alarm is red the guards just know where you are even though you’ve remained hidden the entire time and simply watched it unfold. This makes a ghost play through impossible and frustrating when the alarm is triggered through no fault of your own.

This happens every time!

The other route through the offices is packed full of guards, crammed in doorways, probably because I move through the map leaving ‘no traces’ by not taking down any guards, meaning new guards spawn in on the return and join the existing guards. This path is overcrowded and offers no alternative stealth routes.

Another issue with this mission is that sometimes the weapon lock remains on forever meaning that you cannot progress past slowing down time to shoot the circuit board. With the weapon lock stuck on indefinitely the only solution is to restart the mission as you are also trapped inside that room with the door locked.

I like to use the dart gun and mags to make the guards move by making noise but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes the guards will walk towards me rather than where I threw the mag or fired the dart. Other times they don’t respond at all, it’s like the mags are silent even if I throw the mag at them.

When using the silenced sub machine gun, other guards in different rooms can still hear it and raise the alarm like they would for the non-silenced version.

I‘ve also noticed that when a knocked out guard is discovered by another guard, he will report that he was the one who was knocked out when that simply isn’t true. The alarm is raised and things escalate quickly and I am found. The inconsistencies around the alarm mechanics are confusing and unclear. A discovered unconscious guard should put the alarm status to caution (yellow) meaning the guards are looking for me.

These are the trophies on PlayStation that are not working properly.

#VROperator - does not unlock when the game is completed on hard mode but instead when the first mission is replayed and completed.

Halfway There - this trophy unlocks when 11 trials are complete not 10.

Badge Collector - I have all the badges multiple times but still this trophy remains locked.

Theres also a few invisible walls here and there that can ruin a good run but overall I like the game and hope to be playing through mission 2:1 soon! I’d love to see a laser sight attachment added to the guns for quick headshots in slow mo! and some more gadgets and tactical grenades (smoke/stun) etc.