[Error] Misaligning mosin nagant sights.

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Dec 25, 2006
Category: code/animation

Reproducibility: always, the severity changes from time to time though.

Description: Load a map, select any role which has a mosin nagant rifle available. I don't know if bayonet or leveling in general makes a difference, but just in case my rifle level is 50 and soldier is level 5 (highest), so bayonet is on and movement and sighting bonuses are at maximum. Spawn with this rifle, go prone anywhere and then crouch by either pressing toggle crouch once or holding hold-crouch if you have that bound. Simultaneously bring up ironsights. To do that, press right mouse about half a second after pressing crouch.

It is important that the rifle is shouldered not after prone-to-crouch animation, but simultaneously with it. If done correctly, your ironsights will be misaligned, see the attached screenshot for an example.

I only had this happen to me using mosin rifle, I know kar and svt are fine. Didn't check the other guns, but that isn't my job.

Online/Offline: both.


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Sep 9, 2011