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MinionWorkz Update Pack Now Available!


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Oct 17, 2005
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MinionWorkz Update Pack Now Available!

The new pack from the MinionWorkz team is now available! If you have not already grabbed a copy of the files, then grab them from the following mirrors:

Players/Mappers, grab both files:
And Server admins can grab their own versions:
Once you have downloaded, simply unzip and place in the relevant directories in your Red Orchestra folder under Steam games and you are good to go!

DevilDog (Teufelhund)

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Feb 25, 2006
MinionWorkz (After-Hourz) Vehicle Pack 2 Implementation Notes for Beta 1 Release.

General Information
We request developers wishing to use the Beta 1 files in a level to notify “Slyk” via a PM through the RO forums. This will allow us to inform you when updates are made or preparing to go out. Then we can ensure you receive them and everyone is on a common code base. Not a requirement, but we want to help you have the best map possible. We will also send you the documentation on how to setup an S&D map until it is posted in another thread. It's too large to post in this thread.

Do not modify or decompile any file. If you want something changed, then simply extend the source using a new class and a new *.uc file from the original code. Credit shall be given to the original developer(s) of any component used as a matter of respect. We will release the source code within a few weeks.

Developers please submit all bugs found after checking for them on the “known bugs” list, included in the package to “Teufelhund (DevilDog)” and Slyk via a PM through the RO forums. Suggestions based on historical fact are welcome.

Known Defects and Requested Changes
This is a Beta Release, there are known issues. Below is the list of known defects and requested changes at time of release by vehicle. A number of items have been fixed since the Beta 1 release was compiled. These items will be annotated by, “Fixed, will release in next Beta”. Additional items may be resolved for the next Beta release. The list will be updated as items are added and/or resolved. We hope to issue an updated Beta early next week to address the leaning ZiS-5v truck.

-Guns will randomly display an “on-fire” effect when destroyed.

Russian T-34 Turreted Pillbox
-Lower pillbox height by another 50%. Fixed, will release in next Beta.
-Move the root bone to center of mass. Fixed, will release in next Beta.
-Vulnerability issue with T-34 turret.

-There is a gap where you can see through the turret when the Commander is outside the hatch.
-Add code to flip the KV-2 after a certain roll angle is exceeded. This is a requested change. The vehicle was very top heavy and would roll over when on a steep incline. This is a change request and low priority.
- The engine sound on the Road Block KV-2 is excessively loud.

-The interior mesh and exterior mesh have a small gap between them when in the driver’s position looking out through the hatch.
-The driver’s hatch in the exterior hull mesh does not open when the driver is exposed.
-The tracks rotate backwards on the interior mesh.

Stug 3B
-The Commander’s hatch is floating slightly above the model’s body. Fixed, will release in next Beta.
-The driver’s knee is visible on the underside of the hull. Fixed, will release in next Beta.
-Riders do not appear to be able to connect to the vehicle when a player is in the Commander’s position and the driver is not present.

-Redo the ZiS-3 gun sight to make the reticule lines thinner.

-The vehicle horn is heard by only the driver, not the other players.
-Increase speed of vehicle to 29 KPH. This is for game play. Fixed, will release in next Beta.
-The truck leans to the side while being driven. Fixed, will release in next Beta.
-The front and side windows on the destroyed model are black (could not see through them). Fixed, will release in next Beta.

SdKfz 251/22
-The destroyed model must be raised

Special Features for specific vehicles

- The main cannon will not fire while the vehicle is moving.
- The turret will not rotate when a pitch or roll of 10 degrees is exceeded.
- The vehicle carries 152mm ammunition is HE (High Explosive) and CP (Concrete Piercing).
- The vehicle will flip over when a roll of 35 degrees is exceeded (planned change).

KV-2 in Roadblock map
- Engine disabled.
- S&D functionality added to vehicle factory to allow objective to be tripped on destruction.
- New sound added when trying to start engine.
- Increased health to allow more damage.
- Satchel only damage. i.e., only satchels will cause damage to the vehicle.

Stug 3B and P-IV (Smoke)
- Both vehicles use ammunition loaded out of HE (High Explosive) and SM (Smoke).

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Nov 22, 2005
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DevilDog (Teufelhund)

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Feb 25, 2006
Cool, have MWz got any other plans for more vehicles ?

Not sure right now. This was a huge release for us and it has taken us nearly a year to get to this point. I'd personally like to enjoy the fruits of our labor and relax a little. Maybe do some small stuff on the side if other groups need help, depends on what presents itself.

I'd like to start playing with the UT3 engine a little as well.
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Feb 17, 2006
MinionWorkz (After-Hourz) Map Pack Implementation Notes for Beta 1 Release

Known Issues & Notes: Search & Destroy Sample Maps

[FONT=&quot]o[/FONT]Issues: None.
[FONT=&quot]o[/FONT]Notes: An intense infantry battle map now with two AT guns which randomly spawn. This S&D level features a sequenced attack with moving spawns for both teams. The standard first objective of capturing the
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