[Game] Minecraft

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Feb 26, 2006
Prussotroll's Bridge
And why is that?

Because I don't want to create an account and send money to it. If I buy a game I either want to pay it in cash or want them to withdraw the money from my account.

I already have a click&buy account which does what I want just fine and I've never felt comfortable with paypal. Also I'd never buy a game online with anything other than steam as I don't want to have my key lying on my email or spread out over 5 different accounts for 5 different stores.


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Dec 3, 2007
By the way, has Notch officially said what would happen to current torches after Halloween?

I've heard rumors that they'll become lanterns, while other rumors say the opposite. Which is true?:confused:

I heard that current torches won't light forever, only lanterns can. To build those you need to have one of the new materials from HELL :IS2:. Still rumors.

Paypal is more common than Click2pay, click&buy or so whatever. I use Paypal for years and pay all steam games or such things like minecraft - 0 problems.
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Jun 21, 2006
The Peninsula
I hope they'll turn into lanterns, because I probably have 1,000 torches in my mine that would need to be replaced. I'd rather start a new game if they aren't.


FNG / Fresh Meat
I think I remember reading somewhere where Notch said current torches will turn into lanterns when he rolls out the update. Not 100% on that though.

I hope so. If all of my current torches go out, I'm doomed. And that's playing on peaceful! I mean, I'll probably fall into about 50 of my own mines accidentally and die if they go out. And if it weren't peaceful...:eek:

Creepers spawning in my house is not a great image for me. Especially since he hinted that he might be adding some new monsters, specifically the "Ghast". He has also mentioned seamonsters and deep-underground abominations in the past.

In any case, I think that the day before Halloween, everybody will be emptying their torch supplies and go crazy for coal to make more before the update comes.


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Apr 21, 2010
So I burnt my wooden mansion down with lava like a month ago, haven't played since.

Should probably get back into it.


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Feb 13, 2006
Hamilton, ON
Well I dooo declare.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Halloween approches!

Everybody! It's Time!

Time to make and place as many torches as possible on hopes of lantern conversion. Time to gather as much obsidian as you can, and begin preparing your Hell portals with it (just remember that Ghasts sometimes spawn near the portal as well as in Hell, so remember to light it up) Also, since fishing rods are already craftable, might as well make one of those to prepare for the introduction of fish!