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MG34 Abuse killing game for me


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 8, 2011
Logged into a game after 2 weeks of not playing.........was killed over and over again on apartments by a hip-firing mg'ers. Quit playing out of frustration. Played just a bit ago.......killed 5 times in 2 minutes by hip-firing machine gunners running around in apartments. Quit plying out of frustration. I stuck with this game even with the bugs and loved it, but this really pisses me off. Part of the thrill of this game for me has been the realism...I suck and die alot, but when I do die, its usually cause I did something dumb and deserved it. If I catch a machine gunner in the open as an assault class, I should not get owned repeatedlyby someone carrying a 25 lb weapon. Whats the point of even playing this game if this BS continues? It is the furthest thing from fun that I can think of.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2006
Welcome to the club man. People who downvote this guy's post really make it apparent as to what sort of gameplay they are after. Hayduke has a completely valid complaint with the game. It's not a matter of preference that he has to a working game mechanic... He is upset about an unleveled and OP weapon. It's too bad that because of poorly conceived leveling (such as this) that people are able to abuse these cracks in the game and tune the fun factor down for the masses. But it's not the fault of the players. Its TWI's job to find these inconsistencies and fix them before players get fed up... oh wait most of the players who bought the game already have. :rolleyes:

It really takes you out of the game when you encounter this stuff and it's my opinion that issues like these should be getting addressed with just as much urgency as the bugs. Stuff like this turns players off just almost as quickly as bugs and by the time TWI has ironed out the bugs more will be gone from things like this that turn players off.
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Mr Milkman

FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 10, 2009
I used to hip fire the MG in RO1 just as easily as now. If anything I think the MG is harder to use (albeit stationary) than it was in RO1.

Everyone's going on about realism yet probably only 1% of the people on here have actually handled and fired any of the weapons featured in this game in real life...

Maybe you need to stop sooking and rage quitting and actually play and get some skill? I've taken out hip firing mg's with the nagant pistol heaps of times... :p


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 11, 2011
Don't seem to have too much trouble with them, they usually have to fight pretty close and really on lots of bullets rather than say killing with the first 3, so they are pretty easy pickings for a SMG or often get close enough to the point where a lucky hip shot or bayonet with a rifle can kill them about 50% of the time. Now if your have a pistol out your usually gonna die. Their one advantage is their ammo so they can tear through a whole squad in a row, but then again a prone MG could too.

I haven't really played MG in a while, but its still my most played class and I could never get as many points or lockdown an area as well or for as long rambo as I could setting up and letting the enemy come to me. Rambo can earn quite a few points, but it doesn't earn me the rare 250-350 point and 60+ kills round either. It also makes my team more likely to lose if we are defending. Going up against MGs lately, I've noticed that when the enemy MGs go rambo, we tend to win more often and quicker and its mostly because there is no MG to hold down key choke points and serve as a barrier while his teammates are respawning.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 25, 2011
I understand the OP's point completely. But I wouldn't say its ''abusing the MG'' because this is how you're supposed to use it. Otherwise it wouldn't be possible.

Its fun to see though the people who defend this as 'a realistic feature'. Probably the same people who consider BF3 realistic, when in fact, they consider it as fun, and think fun equals realism.

You don't have to be the next Einstein to understand that there is no artificial skills in real-life (perks, skillpoints etc), or that weapons have weight, that you have to control something called momentum in any movement, or that being able to handle weapons in combat requires practice and training. That's why soldiers are trained. Because they aren't born as the super soldiers RO2 present.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 8, 2011
Yeah thats realy a big problem. I hope TWI will add more recoil for hipfired mgs and also slower movements. At the moment this realy sucks and it is very frustrating when you blowed down by hipfiring rambos.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 23, 2011
The hipfiring mg ramboing is indeed one of the more urgent problems needed to be fixed in the game at the moment.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 3, 2007
@OP completely unrealistic hipshooting like a rambo LMGs were reported to TWI weeks before release. Because those are fun for "wider audience" and speed up gameplay, TWI didn't removed or nerfed them...
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 7, 2011
Even the bots hipfire with MG34 with ridiculous accuracy. Since they can't melee with it they seem to have even faster reaction times with it because they don't even have to think about it...


FNG / Fresh Meat
Sep 21, 2011
It doesn't sound like any of you have actually tried using an MG like this in the game. Accurate, controllable and reliable, it is not, and it has a drastic enough effect on your movement speed that it hardly counts as "running and gunning". Your gameplan is basically to throw out a lot ammo at pointblank range and hope the other guy is slow to react. It doesn't even begin to hold a candle to what a competent SMGer can do, and if the networking wasn't crap, I'd lay good odds on a bolt rifle against it.

I mean, really, what are you guys expecting? Do you think it should be 100% safe to be within 10 meters of someone pointing an MG in your direction? At that point, even a small child getting spun around by the recoil would still have decent odds to hit something. The only thing at fault here seems to be the preconceptions that there's some sort of rules about how to a machinegun "must" be used.