Merc Report - Controlling Field Conditions

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Hey Mercs!

With All Hallows Eve quickly approaching and mercs such as yourselves busy in the field dealing with the seasonal horrors, work has been underway towards the next, more merry, update. Of course that means we are getting ready to stuff your stockings full of some Quality of Life improvement cheer!

Scene: You are in the thick of combat with your trusty weapon which features an underslung grenade launcher. But you pause a moment, thinking to yourself “is it loaded?”. Worry no more as the HUD will now indicate the status of these weapons (such as the M16 with M203).


Next up is one for the Survivalists. Get ready to keep those Zeds at bay with a passive weapons swap speed boost, so you can more quickly bring new arms to bear and thus more rounds down range!

For Mercs that play with a controller, we’ve got something big. We’ve been reworking how the aiming system works to add in the following:
  • Deadzone slider
  • Acceleration slider

This will allow you to better adjust the feel of the game to your liking. And as part of this change, the deadzone is being modified to be circular (replacing the current square deadzone).

We know many mercs care about their looks and are always trying out new things. To help with this, the gear menu and how the three accessories work is being updated. To help improve players ability to quickly find their own unique stylish look, instead of having players remove accessories to replace them in the accessory pool field (the current way), the menu is being updated so that there are three distinct fields players can populate so players can easily swap out items.


Lastly, largely in response to player feedback from the last community survey, we’ve got some weapon and skill changes in the works. First up, the weapons changes:
  • Rhino
    • Reduced shrapnel spread from environmental impacts (to improve floor shots reaching their desired targets)
    • Increased shrapnel spread from Zed impacts (to improve the shrapnel hitting other zeds arranged behind the target)
    • Increased bullet damage
    • Fix elite half reload being slower than empty reload
  • Seal Squeal
    • Increased Fire Rate (to make it easier to handle shots and detonations)
    • Reduced Weight ( to allow for new loadout options)
    • Increased spare ammo
    • Added ability to interrupt the reload
  • Fire Axe
    • Increased damage
    • Increased Stun power
    • Increased Stumble power of bash
  • HRG Buckshot
    • Decreased recoil
    • Decreased spread
We are also making the following changes to Perk Skills:
  • Gunslinger - Steady
    • Added bonus damage while in iron sights
  • Survivalist - New Passive Weapon Swap Speed Increase
    • Mentioned above

We hear rumors that mercs will be traveling to someplace downright mystical for their next mission, so keep on checking back for the latest!
Very promising changes! Finally, an indicator for the underslung grenade launchers! Looking forward to this update!
I feel as though the m99 should be buffed as it is the heaviest and most expensive weapon currently in the game and still getting outperformed by the m14 and occasionally the fal in multiplayer.
Can you guys please fix the difficulty scaling system? playing in two players or three players is much harder than six players and this is really annoying. When I play alone in a public server and I reach way 5 or 6 out of 10 and someone joins we immediately die because of the improper scaling of the difficulty, please fix this (I've talked about this a while ago and one of my posts in the ideas and suggestions section)
Also, the survivalist needs higher magazine sizes and less recoil since playing with assault rifles is almost impossible as a survivalist due to the very high recoil that the commando doesn't suffer from
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Please can you revert the red screen change you made at some point the red screen when you are below 50 hp currently is way too intense, idk why it was changed but Its annoying Red Screen kf2.jpg
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Also since we're heading towards the next update, could be possible to fix that bug where crawlers make the other zeds jump, or you, while being in a downhill terrain or uphill
I would applaud such quality of life changes, but we've been asking them for so damn long that I'm just thinking that it was about time.

As for the weapons themselves, well... I'm kinda impressed that we're getting only buffs ! Even more so for weapons I already deemed effective (people were truly complaining about the buckshots? They became my go-to secondary as a support ! And quite often as a survivalist too!) . But hey... Can't complain about making anything better. It is true that the Fireaxe and Seal Squeal were in a weird spot : being somewhat efficient but outshined by the rest of their tier brethren.

The change to "steady" sounds downright disgusting! Now of course we need to know how much extra damage you mean. But even 15% would be good chunk.

This being said, and considering the addition to the Survivalist is already a great step forward... I'm still hoping for proper reworks of the sharpie, medic and survivalist. But I doubt we'll ever see them at that point
Насчет экрана с HP ниже 50. Боже, пусть не так страшно. Когда у меня 40-50 HP, это очень раздражает. Похоже, персонаж вот-вот умрёт.

Предлагаю сделать этот экран динамичным в плане прозрачности. При 80% ХП это еле видно, при 50 видно, при 20 очень заметно
Just a quick question. When should we see these updates rolling out? I admit when I read this on steam I immediately fired up the game to try out the changes and was bummed that they aren't live yet. :) Maybe next Tuesday? I would see some higher ammo magazine sizes for the Sharp, Medic, and Survivalist. A lot of weapons just aren't practical in the Survivalist's hands due to mag size.
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Sounds like a nice update! ;)

I'm really happy to read about the implementation of an underslung indicator and extremely happy about the "passive weapons swap speed boost" for the survivalist. The last one could give us a remarkable advantage in higher waves in endless mode, while the indicator could be a great asset for the HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle as well.

To the Devs

Is there any chance for the implementation of the elite reload for the Helios rifle (for the Firebug -> passive bonus?) and the same for the Killerwatt (for the Survivalist -> passive bonus?)? It'd be great to get some info about this whether you're working on this/will be working on this or not at all at the moment.

Anyway, I already look forward to hearing more about this update. :)
Just a quick question. When should we see these updates rolling out? I admit when I read this on steam I immediately fired up the game to try out the changes and was bummed that they aren't live yet. :) Maybe next Tuesday? I would see some higher ammo magazine sizes for the Sharp, Medic, and Survivalist. A lot of weapons just aren't practical in the Survivalist's hands due to mag size.
Trip releases updates four times a year. One in spring, one in summer usually around July, one in fall that's basically the month of October, and one in winter that's basically the month of December. Betas for the update will probably come soon sometime in November with the official holiday update coming in December.