Merc Report - Breaking Out

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We know many of you can claim to have seen it all! From the exotic to the urban jungle locales and the Zeds that creep even into your dreams. Perhaps you should think again, as reports are bubbling up about new outbreaks headed your way.

If you find your team or yourself feeling a bit “extra” bloodthirsty when fighting off a horde of Zeds, odds are you have run into the first mutation. Aptly named, well: Bloodthirst


While active, the major side effect is known to include the rejection of all healing except from one source, the blood of your enemies. Other side effects include feelings of power for a limited time when larger creatures of slain. So do what you do best mercs, and get out there and kill some Zeds. It may just be the only way you are staying alive, as field reports show that mercs will be gradually losing health out there!

The other new outbreak spotted in the wild? Well, let us just put it this way: Gladiators to arms, for you are about to enter the coliseum!


Mercs grab your swords, shields, and other instruments of melee, because these Zeds are out to Gore. Prepare for an increase of fasts and fiends as they will test your skill at blocking and the fine art of the reposite. But fear not Zerkers (and we do mean Zerkers only) and prepare to ‘Battering Ram’ your foes away!

Mercs who accept these challenges will be granted new rewards, so gather your team and prepare for deployment, it is beginning to look like an apocalypse out there, well, more so than usual.
I like this gamemode, I really suggest implementing something similar to regular survival games. Rewarding players when they're playing properly is something this game could really get! Especially since it's very hard to survive within a noob team! I would love to see some rewards for being a good player that help me win the game!
This would also encourage more players to gid gud at the game.. they will see the best player in the team getting buffed over and over and try to get better in the game.
This would be really beneficial since the game has dynamic difficulty impelemented in the game conductor that makes the game harder as players get more headshots and kills in a second. This would balance things out
Doom eternal is a great game! And what made it the game it is, is that it keeps rewarding players when they are good. Gives them chances when they make mistakes. So going into that direction would really drive the game into higher number of players that enjoy the game.
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"Bloodthirst" ha ha ha , called it ! Well, sort of... My version was even harsher as you could actually heal but you'd lose health constantly. No extra healing by killing zeds ! Still, I really dig that idea. Simple and efficient. Although I wonder if that also includes skills (zerks are gonna cry and medics will become worthless...). Getting "cranked up" as you kill tough opponents is also a nice touch. For once, I feel like I could play that weekly even AFTER receiving my reward. Good job TWI. It definitely deserves to be said here : I'm pumped up for that idea.

"Gladiator to Arms" (I guess it's not the real name but eh) : uh, so a melee only mod? I have to admit you got me curious. From the get-go, I don't feel that compelled (I mean, you could also just play a solo game as a team of zerks I guess), but I suppose we're in for extra surprises. The mention of extra "fasts and fiends" makes me think of a spin on the "Poudamonium" idea. Where you'll get mostly (only?) Gorefasts/fiends but also get stripped of your ranged weaponry in order to make it a little bit more fair and challenging. I'm less hyped, but we'll see how it turns out. Hell, maybe we'll secretly get a "King Gorefast" ? I don't really see who would be the boss otherwise.

Speaking of which, the boss for bloodthirst will be atrocious to fight ! And I can taste the pain already.

I do hope the rewards are good, as in... Slightly better than the "event rewards" which often amounts to backpacks that don't suit anything. I'm not expecting a full-blown gun, but some cool skin (character/weapon) would be neato !
The design intent is no form of healing beyond killing Zeds is in play for Bloodthirst as of right now.

Coliseum is the name of the second outbreak.
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Intriguing, one question - will Bloodthirst be added into Endless mode?
Currently the thinking is not to add any outbreak that may impact perk loadout in a major way. Will follow up with the design intention on Bloodthirst and endless.
I'm gonna assume that there will be more weeklies later down the line? As fun as the original weeklies were when they were new, they kinda got old pretty fast.
I'm gonna assume that there will be more weeklies later down the line? As fun as the original weeklies were when they were new, they kinda got old pretty fast.
Regarding the roadmap, they said they plan to double the weeklies this year : two new ones with each update.

I'm personally looking forward to those two. It is true most of the first batch weren't very compelling (I actually really like "boom", makes for a stupidly tense one ! Quite often you're alive and well and then two dead zeds later you're on the brink of dying. "Cranium Cracker", while simple, is also a good one. Reminds me of the "realism" mod in L4D2 and most zombie fiction where you have to shoot the head to put the monsters down ! "Zed Time" is a clever idea that, however, gets old fast. All the others, however, are a bit meh)