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Medic needs more ammo


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 7, 2020
Whenever I play medic with a final loadout of the assault rifle and grenade rifle, I always run out of ammo too fast. We need a few more clips for that class to be more usable in combat. Thanks Tripwire for all these updates.


Grizzled Veteran
Sep 18, 2012
Well... Judging by the fact that the medic is already often pointed out as a very versatile class (and far from weak, unlike most medics in other games), don't think that's truly warranted tbh.

You can already make quick work of both trash and medium zeds alike, including with the grenades to create a choke-point. So I don't think it's necessary really...By the point you get the HM501, you should have at least one backup weapon with you.


FNG / Fresh Meat
May 15, 2020
How? Just, how do you get out of ammo? Are you wasting 2-3 mags for each big zed or something?