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PC Matriarch Shield Health in Boss Rush weekly


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Apr 27, 2015
Russian Federation
Is not affected by ShieldScale variable. In solo wave 1 she has 4500 shield health which is a normal value for survival, but not for this weekly where it is supposed to be 990. Her armor (and armor of the other boses too) is affected by this variable just fine. In this weekly she's the only boss to have same shield health regardless of the wave number. Hans and King FP have shield hp scaled from 22% at wave 1 to 140% at wave 5.

One more thing about her shield is that in all modes it takes damage that is equal to weapon's base value. Unlike Hans and King FP's sheilds, perk bonuses do not increase damage dealt to her shield.

Also two minors things, not really a bugs, just repeating myself:

- Compound Bow's cry explosion causes self damage to player, since it was buffed not a long time ago (damage 25 -> 75) it can now hurt you really bad (up to 37 health on HoE)
- Seasonal challenge Heads for Sale (decapitate 1000 ZEDs) tells that you need to decapitate ZEDs but in fact it only works if you kill them by headshot. Making headless ZEDs wonder around will not work.