Mare Nostrum

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 14, 2007
Detroit, MI
I saw my Steam downloading the new Mare Nostrum update.

Crete, here I come!

And come on, everyone; as a gaming community, let's support Mare Nostrum and all the hard work and effort this team has put into this mod by playing Mare Nostrum often and on a regular basis.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 3, 2007
Leicester UK
I must say this mod is the mutts nuts now.Some of the maps need a bit of tweaking but so far i have played Tobruk (which i got bored with first time round) and i like it.Gazala line i think this will be an awesome map once its faults are sorted but after one go last night where i didn't know what i was doing(nothing new there) i like it.Plus sidi barrini(i think) which is so much better for italian tanks.

We just need more people playing.I prefer this mod to DH and RO as the early war stuff is more fun.

=GG= Mr Moe

FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 16, 2006
Newton, NJ
I hope to tweak the time down on Gazala. Also, have to see it when the arty if fixed. Allies have large, but slower arty strikes, the Axis have small quicker ones that represent nearby (off map) 88's that have moved into position.

Crete is Awesome! They just needs to make some of the caps permanent and not recapturable.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 19, 2006
here to kill your monster
We just need more people playing.I prefer this mod to DH and RO as the early war stuff is more fun.

I always thought the desert setting would allow for epic tank battles, which is what attracted me to this when it was Burning sands, but i am also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the infantry and CA maps.
It's really starting to fullfil the potential it always had, and I look forward to getting much more enjoyment out of this great mod in the future.

orgional settings and armies, old RO feel and character, early war tanks and bolt action rifles - for me the best mod.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 6, 2006
Birmingham, UK
Yes it is that time of the year again, ModDB are hosting their annual Mod of the Year competition. It is currently in phase 1 (the nomination stage) of the award. During this phase every mod and indie game on the site has a small voting booth shown in its profile. For 15 days from December 20 to January 5th, you can nominate all of your favorite titles by clicking the "vote" button.

So if you liked the latest Steam release, please take the time to vote for Mare Nostrum.



FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 16, 2009
United Kingdom
Awesome mod in terms of content and quality, but it usually seems pretty dead.

Is anyone aware of any decent servers and usual game times?