Mare Nostrum Summer Showcase

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Oct 17, 2005
Roswell, GA
We recently heard from the Darkest Hour and Carpathian Crosses mod teams and today Mare Nostrum is completing the trio. Mare Nostrum will take Red Ochestra to North Africa in the Second World War and in the last month Sandstorm Productions have been hard at work. Today they are proud to unveil what they have been working on.

They have pictures of both their textured British and Australian infantry along with the M4A1 Sherman tank. They are also are showcasing 3 new maps: Tobruk Central, Akaba and Fallen Empire.

They have a whole pile more goodies on the Mare Nostrum website, so click HERE and take a look. They have also produced the latest version of the Tunis Telegraph with a more in-depth look - well worth a read, old chap! Click HERE to download it directly.

And to whet your appetites for their work, here are a few shots for you to look at - more over at the Mare Nostrum website!

We say "strewth, cobber, its a bonza job!"


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Apr 2, 2006
Looks pretty good but out of the maps i'm thinking that fallen empire doesn't look as detailed and doesn't look as immersive as the other maps.

Captain Obvious

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May 4, 2007
Amazing work!

The British and Australian soldiers look great, top notch work.

I have a question about the Sherman. I noticed the British flag above the turret. I am wondering how you guys are implementing that into the game. How was it made and how will you animate it moving in the wind?