Maps Mods and your Cache

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Mar 9, 2006
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This question covers many areas I suppose and I think that I know the answer but wanted to throw this out there.
In your Redorchestra.ini file you have a setting to purge your cache (cache holds all the maps and textures and bits you have DL from custom servers). It would seem that Darkest hour uses this same cache folder.
It would seem that one cache setting could purge files from another mod? so if you play one mod and then the other this might be shooting you in the foot.

The setting that you want is in the Redorchestra.ini or the DarkestHour.ini or MareNostrum.ini
Search for:


You will see I set all of mine at 320. I think this is in the tweak guide also.
Make it a point to set this if space is not an issue on your comp the hosting servers will thank you and you wont have wait so much to get in the action.