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Map-specific coding question


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 5, 2009
So, since KF2 is built in the newer unreal, and we can make and run all kinds of crazy scripted events happen in the maps.

Will there be a "greylist" again? (Perks are useable but don't gain levels on this content)

I ask because i'm planning on making a map that brings some of my old experimental mutators to life through scripting, like making the map replace any non-husk ZED with a husk, excluding the boss

Obviously stuff like this can be terrible in terms of map size file-wise, but can let us get really creative (given that the game is in UE3)

More or less, i want to know ahead of time if stuff like this is going to be "Acceptable" in released maps, or if maps that mod the gameplay on a per-map basis are going to be a big "No-No"


Active member
Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
Yes, they added in greylisting in like the 2nd patch. TWI didnt expect for mutators to be made so fast. Map scriots can be WL as some were duringnKF1