[Error] Map Barracks does not load

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 8, 2006

Coming back home from the weekend getaway, I noticed there is a patch and after download, proceeded to play the game.

Up to today I have not successfully joined the map Barracks, except for one occasion.
I am aware that this issue has been mentioned but, I have found nothing that was close to what I am encountering.
And I felt like contributing what I can, to make my favorite game the best possible

Since last night, I have tried to join a server with various populations that had the map 'Barracks' running.
I have only been able to join the actually gameplay once, and after a few minutes the game crashed.

The first 5 times I tried, after a 4-1/2, 5 minute wait to connect, I was tossed back to the lobby with the pop-up window "connection to server lost"
The 6th and 7th time I tried to connect, the computer crashed, forcing a restart.
The 8th time I managed to join a game, with about 20/32 people.
Played for a few minutes, than crashed again, forcing a restart.

The 9th time I tried, it crashed again, to desktop.

The other two maps that have been introduced in the new rotation load and seem to work fine, with some minor bugs that have been mentioned, although i have only played Red Oktober factory once, with like 4 people.

Post-patch I also noticed a considerably drop in FPS, to somewhere between 15-25 in-game, whereas before the patch, my FPS was above 25 most of the time.

Also I have been more consistently getting bolt-action rifles when choosing the Elite- Rifleman class, especially on the Russian side.
Besides that, the rifle sights in that class appear to be effected more by the 'offset-sight' bug


Before the switchover to the 2nd map rotation I experienced no crashes, besides the very early server-browser bug, which was swiftly fixed.

With this new patch, I am getting a crash almost every 15, 20 minutes.

rough system specs:
AMD Phenom 9600
4 GB of Ram
1 gb nVidia GTX285 graphics
Windows XP (a possible launcher of lulz-avalanche)