Maneater Update Expected Next Week - Work In Progress Changlog

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We are happy to announce the latest update to Maneater is almost here and ready to make a splash! This update will focus on improving optimization to increase stability and performance on all platforms as well as additional checks to make sure players receive the proper rewards for completing objectives. You'll find the Work In Progress changelog listed below:

Memory optimizations and performance improvements
  • Included changes for
    • Evolution menu screen
    • VFX optimizations around gore chunks
    • Nutrient UI
    • Apex Predators
    • Bounty Bosses
    • Tweaks to the NPC spawning system to ensure intended populations
    • Optimizations for Xbox One base kits

Menu and UI
  • Adjustments to cursor snapping to icons on the overhead map

  • Further checks for unlocking achievement/trophies. Ensuring the player is properly rewarded with having those achievements/trophies unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where Questers would “bounce off” the shark when grabbed and eaten
  • Removed firefly FX that no longer matched with the Plover Island environment
  • Fix for a crash that can occur during the Terranova battle.
    • Hotfix includes a fix to prevent the crash from occurring as well as fixing any save issues that were caused by the crash. Players will receive credit for the completion of the Terranova battle if they have reached a point that is past the battle's story point.

Art Changes
  • Minor art changes to in game billboards
  • Fixed an issue with wave height in the Fawtick Bayou region

We are actively looking into reports of players not having or losing ownership of Truth Quest. Unfortunately this is not something that we have been able to replicate completely in house, but we are still investigating and working with the community to resolve this problem. Thank you to those who have and continue to provide information to our community team on this topic.

Despite this we have been able to make some modifications for this update:
  1. Targeted change for EGS
    1. We were able to determine where a delay in Entitlement recognition could occur on the Main Menu. Here the user would see on the Main Menu that Truth Quest was not owned, but eventually ownership would be recognized. We are reviewing how to apply this to other platforms currently and hope to have news on that front shortly
  2. Small improvements to entitlement for all platforms
    1. There were modifications to general entitlement checks throughout the game

For those who have encountered this problem there are few items we can recommend to try, that have assisted other community members:
  • On EGS, report of cleaning the launcher web cache
  • Reinstalling the game
  • Time. Some have reported that eventually the purchase “went through”. With no additional changes or downloads occurring
  • Check to see if there is anything in the download queue, this would apply to consoles

Thank you for your continued support! As always, be sure to join the conversation at the official forums and let us know what you want to see next in the waters of Maneater or report any issues you may be experiencing.
Great to see all the adjustments being made, especially those achievement/trophy issues. Put the game aside hoping these would be fixed. If they are, the DLC is an instant purchase for me.
Hey team!

Hopefully you are aware that there are instances where progress in the DLC has been totally bugged out and impossible, and this addresses that as well. Terranova bugged out when I beat her, and now I am Infamy Rank 6, but there is still a quest to reach Rank 5, and still a marker on the map to trigger the Terranova fight itself. Visiting that marker does not trigger anything. The achievement for bearing her was also not awarded, despite the mutation reward being given in game. This is all on the Xbox platform.

Just hoping some additional information helps. And that all variations of this get patched. Thanks for being on too of it! Any idea when the patch should be live?
I wish that you could replay boss fights and have APEX creatures or "irradiated" creatures spawn again and again. The fights are really fun and it sucks having to play the game again just to do that.
How long for the patch my game is still stuck at terror nova will not let me proceed and will glitch when I get close to defeating her again
Hi I updated it

and Still didn’t get Island queen trophy wtf 2nd full play though and still nothing what is going on?
Dear tripwire crew can we please get a fix for the trophies not popping ( island queen ) on PS5 and other platforms coz your last update didn’t do much to fix it

thank you
We are investigating why these issues are still impacting some players and hope to update the game to address it once we can pinpoint the causes.
Hey! I play on PS5 in the version that was handed out to PS +, version of the game 1.07. DLC I have no. There are problems with trophies. " Tourist "," Deep Sea Explorer "," I Can Handle the Truth! "," Garbage Collector ". Completed the game 4 times 100 percent, but unfortunately have no trophies. Huge request to fix it.
Hi, I bought the dlc yesterday October 29th, I already had the platinum of the game, I started a save from scratch, I did 100% of the base game and then started the dlc. I did 100% of the dlc and finished it all did not unlock any dlc trophies for me, not even the one that introduces you to the new zone, I play on ps5. I hope you can fix the pop of the trophies, I also liked the game a lot, I have the profile at 100% it would be a shame to leave it like this, thanks and regards, good job.