Maneater: Truth Quest Hotfix 2 Is Now Live

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We have just released a new hotfix to target several of the issues the community has encountered while playing Maneater.
  • Fix for the "Keep Out!" gate in Fawtick Bayou being closed based on localization
  • Expand out Entitlement changes across all platforms that were previously included for EGS players in the previous hotfix
  • Fixed VO issue with the Shannon Sims bounty hunter intro
  • Fix for progression blockers being affected by localization settings. Including around the Sonar or Later objective

The team is continuing to investigate and work on several remaining issues including issues around unlockables. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy the water!
The team is still working on the achievements and trophies not being properly unlocked for all players and hope to address it in a future update. We do not have a time to share on that just yet.
Still encountering the bug on PS5 where I need to 'Kill Plover Island Bounty Boss', yet they have already been killed, so when i go to the quest marker nothing happens. There is nothing else for me to do on the map and i cannot progress beyond 40% Truth Quest Progress. Any idea when this will be resolved?
What's up? When will be released the new patch for stucked trophies, I don't want to continue the game till have those trophies buged... Do it asap please!
The game is quite fun anyway.
when will there be a fix for the "chase champion time trial" not showing up? circle doesn't pop up to allow me to progress in the game so I can't play the DLC. Also stuck on Chapter 8 in the game can't get to the "after party" chapter even after beating the whole game.