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Maneater Sequel/Prequel Suggestions


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Oct 15, 2022
Dear Yoshiro... I've been thinking it would be nice to have a sequel or prequel to the game Maneater. And since you practically confirmed it in the discord server, I thought, "Why not create a forum for suggestions?" So, here I am. I hope some of these ideas interest you. Enjoy.


1. - Let us reach level 50 instead of 30/40 at the max, as it just feels wrong to have 40 as the max level.
2. - I suggest when we reach level 50, we reach a new shark size called Omega. It would be very fitting for the sequel, as we never got Omega City in the first game.
3. - Also, when we reach the new shark size, I recommend a 14-15 meter shark. You'd be 11 meters by the time you reached level 50 and are Mega, so I think an increase of 4 meters would be great for this game.
4. - Create a brand new song for the intro with the same badass American music after you complete the first story mission/tutorial.
5. - Regarding story elements, I would like it to be inspired by Omega City.
6. - I would also like to have more shark sets. I think a shark with a laser would be hilarious and stupid fun to use.
7. - I want a replay story mode, where you can select any chapter from the game and replay it. That's the biggest problem I had with the first game since it got so repetitive over time.
8. - Longer game overall, Maneater seems to only be around 8 hours long, which only gives us 8 hours to experience a completely new game. And with Truth Quest, around 12 hours total to my knowledge. Still isn't all that impressive considering the playtime of most video games. I want an 18-24 hour story mode, where it takes longer to level up.
9. - I want this game to be more story-based, rather than gameplay. As soon as you fix a few bad things in the PvE, I think we can have good shark combat. And one more thing while I'm on this suggestion, I would like us to become an 'Omega' shark after the final boss fight. It would be as if we've ascended after the final confrontation.
10. - Lastly, I want an online mode in any shape or form where you can play as a shark with your buddies, or possibly even a split-screen mode. May be wishful thinking, but I don't want to regret not suggesting this.

1. - Let us experience the story of how Pete's father died, and similarly to my suggestion for the sequel.
2. - I do want a longer game, but I also think if you made this game relatively short mainly as a test for new mechanics to create the real Maneater 2, it would be forgivable to be between 4 and 5 hours. Though I would prefer a longer game, I'd rather wait another 2 years after this release to get a good game rather than a mediocre game with a glitchy combat system. It would be better to have all the glitches in the Prequel, so it can act as a test for everything new.
3. - If you make a prequel, I want it to be on PS4 and XBOX One, as well. There's no reason not to do this unless the game's release will be in a year and a half or more.
4. - I want pretty much everything else to be the same as what I suggested for the sequel, but I don't think an online mode would fit a prequel very well.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day.