Maneater Known Issues PSA

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Hey everyone,

We are so excited to see so many of you splashing around the gulf in Maneater, but we are aware some of you are being impacted by some issues which we know is not ideal. We want to let you know we are digging into these reports and the following is a non exhaustive list of top issues we are tracking and working on fixes for as soon as we can.

  • Player camera gets stuck in the shark
    • There is a rare case where the player camera can get stuck in the shark after a cut scene. To work around, players need to quit to main menu and reload the save to clear this issue until a full fix has been released.
  • Progress Loss/Save Game Issues
    • We are continuing to investigate this issue, but so far attempts to replicate it internally to find the cause have failed. We are looking for any and all player information about what could trigger this to happen.
  • Achievements not be awarded after Hotfix 2
    • We believe these issues will not trigger on a new game, we are currently still investigating if achievements/trophies and unlocks not being rewarded can be retroactively granted, but currently we recommend players start a new game.
  • Trophies Not Being Granted on PS 5
    • We believe we know what is causing this and are working on a fix
We continue be excited by all of you who have taken a bite into Maneater so far, doubly so for those that have and are helping us track down these issues in our bug forums.

This list has been updated to reflect post the next gen launch.
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Yeah I'm currently pretending this game got delayed and waiting for an update or two to pretend it out again. What I was able to play was great.
Dead Horse location glitched on me the ? is there but nothing to destroy this is stopping me to get 100% please get this sorted ASAP so i can finish this game, The location is Beating A Dead Horse me and a ton of others have this same location glitched.
One other issue that I’ve had not sure if others have had it, but while playing mid way of anything in the game my app will randomly close due to error, it’s happened more than once for me, and I’m on ps4 so is any one else experiencing this ?
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Created an account to explain two problems with xbox one version: Dead Horse Lake had a problem with the event/location, collecting the location while participating in the event seems to have prevented me from actually collecting the location.

The second problem being that any time the game attempted to load a cutscene/transition to the larger maps the game would immeadiately crash to dashboard, and prevented me from seeing about half of the overall cutscenes.

Thank you guys so much for keeping an open dialogue with us, appreciate the hard work and looking forward to finishing the game as soon as I can!
I still have only managed to play 5 minutes before it crashes repeatedly in Xbox one x. Hopefully these are top priority and a fix is on the way!
I am playing on base non pro PS4, game started having lower performance and fps drops as soon as I entered the 3rd major area, and then seemingly every area after has had issues. Possible culprits could be the quest icon tags on large groups of targets, maybe some physics calculations could be responsible as well. Very low fps and first crash happened during a hunter battle at 7+ infamy in the second to last area.
Hello to you, I want to point out to you the different problems that I encountered in the game. I specify that I play on PS4 PRO

1: My console is prone to overheating. Indeed the fan turns on full power and when I play another game, I do not have this problem

2: I also noticed a big loss of framerate

3: I have witnessed a game crash a few times

For me these are 3 major problems for the game as well as for the machine ... I hope it can be fixed, if so I hope you can fix it. Good Luck for the whole team. We believe in you ! :)
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It says that I have 100% on everything, for each area, but I have not gotten the last achievement for 100% objective completion. Queen of the Ocean. Weird since I checked every location and they all say 100% and all license plates, landmarks, and caches have been collected. Great game though and I can’t wait to play it again or if DLC comes out later for it.
Yeah i have lost save data too on ps4 was level 30 had loads of evolutions unlock hardly fair on us when we trust use when we buy a game its supposed too work exactly as it should not wipe save data and leave the player utterly speechless
Please fix this game can't believe everything i unlocked is gone dont even wana play it anymore its mugged me off that much i will not be playing it untill these errors are fixed
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the issue with not being able to save on xbox is unacceptable. I will not play until that bug is fixed as I dint have a wired controller and have to constantly get up and leave the game due to kids. Get this fixed ASAP please! Get on xbox is mob33176
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Yeah i have lost save data too on ps4 was level 30 had loads of evolutions unlock hardly fair on us when we trust use when we buy a game its supposed too work exactly as it should not wipe save data and leave the player utterly speechless

Same has happened to me. Gutted.
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I’m on Xbox One. Everytime I die and respawns me and sends me back to nearly the beginning of the game with some progress not saved. (My controller never disconnects) I’ll be in dead horse lake and it’ll send me all the way back to do an hour of progress again.

I can’t jump to get most plates or landmarks.
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Hi Guys,

I also had a problem with the "Queen of the Ocean" trophy in my run. I had 100% in each area but had not received the trophy. I was able to get it by opening one of the big gates (the gate between Prosperity Sands and Golden Shores). I hadn't previously opened any of these gates in my run. I hope this can help you further to get the trophy.

Unfortunately I had the already known problems on my PS4 Pro too:

Slowdowns (especially in the later areas)
two to three crashes of the game in my twelve-hour run

But I still had a lot of fun with this game.
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