Maneater Known Issues PSA

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Hey everyone,

We are so excited to see so many of you splashing around the gulf in Maneater, but we are aware some of you are being impacted by some issues which we know is not ideal. We want to let you know we are digging into these reports and the following is a non exhaustive list of top issues we are tracking and working on fixes for as soon as we can.

  • Xbox One X Overheating - We are aware that some Xbox One X users hare having an overheat shut down/message and are working with Microsoft to address this issue. We are also aware that a set of PS4 players are reporting something similar and also are investigating.
  • Progress Loss/Save Game Issues
    • We are investigating a now much more rare progression loss issue and are looking for player help in identifying points of commonality in what they have done prior to having it.
  • PS4 Frame Loss - We are investigating reports that users are getting massive frame loss in some situations on PS4.
    • We believe we have found a major cause of this and have a fix targeted for the next update
  • Stability
    • We have tracked down several stability/crash issues and will have them fixed in hotfix 2
    • We are continuing to investigate other stability issues
  • Achievements not be awarded after Hotfix 2
    • We are investigating cases where some players are still not getting achievements to pop up after Hotfix 2
We continue be excited by all of you who have taken a bite into Maneater so far, doubly so for those that have and are helping us track down these issues in our bug forums.

This list has been updated to reflect post Hotfix 2.
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I also just noticed that my size is noch shown in the evolution screen below my shark.
So have no idea how "large" i am at lvl 6 right now ^^

That would really need a fix I suppose...because it definitely takes something amazing from the game experience
The second update is entering the release candidate stage which means builds are being built per platform and testing is being done on them.
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I am playing on Xbox One X and lost hours of data today. I competed a lot of caches, landmarks, and license plates. I went from level 16 to 21 and defeated the Apex Alligator as well. When I went to fight the Apex Mako, I noticed that the bite button was no longer functioning. Every other button was functioning fine. I pressed the Xbox button to bring up overlay to test my controllers RT button and it was functioning fine. When I went back to the game my shark still wouldn't bite so I returned to the main menu and selected continue. When it finished loading my shark was biting properly with RT, but my days progress had been lost.

Please help! I don't have a ton of time for gaming and don't plan on playing again until I know this wont happen again.
Working to get a WIP Changelog for this update compiled to share with everyone.
when you say " a fix for landmark/objectives being done but the rewards not being granted. These should be included with the next update. " this mean for trophies on PS4 too? I had 1 landmark buggged in The Gulf and with patch I got 100%, but none reward or trophies.
So with new patch queen of the ocean still won't unlock. I have every area at 100% and opened all 3 gates still nothing. When is this going to be fixed i submitted a ticket few weeks ago and still no reply
We hope so, the patch is now in release candidate testing on all platforms, but we aren't yet ready to share an estimated launch date for it.

I bought this game yesterday for Xbox one.
I have completed about half an hour worth of gameplay.
It repeatedly forces my Xbox to shutdown by overheating.
Is there any fix for this as any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks for your effort and for keeping us up do date about the progress.
Unfortunately the recent update does not fix the problem I have. I am still not getting the bone body part.
Everything is 100%.