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Make Killerwatt Beyond Horizon and Space Elite skins orange instead of purple (as they were originally advertised)


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Oct 3, 2018
I bought 20 crates(PS4), because I saw pictures of the orange Killerwatt skin, and thought it looked awesome. That was the sole reason I spend my money on those crates. I was lucky enough to get both versions of the Killerwatt skin from these 20 crates. But I was a bit saddened when they didn't show up orange while in-game, though the thumbnails in the inventory were orange. I then submitted it as a bug.

In the newest update it says in the changelog: Updated the Killerwatt Beyond Horizon & Space Elite skin thumbnails to purple to reflect what is shown in-game.

I don't mean to come off rude, but shouldn't it have been changed to show what was advertised? I feel cheated, since that color combination with the white skin and orange barrel was the sole reason I spend my money on it in the first place.

The Steam Community marked used to list this weapon with an orange thumbnail, the in-game inventory showed an orange thumbnail, even the promotional images on the Steam Workshop had an orange thumbnail. So why not make it so the product reflects what was advertised?

The 4 inventory thumbnails attached, are from my own inventory, before and after. And one from the Steam workshop.


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Feb 19, 2010
Northern Europe
This issue isn't exclusive to the killerwatt, way too many cosmetics and skins have incorrect titles and thumbnails. My most recent addition was Space Pirate | Tricorn Hat | Brown that featured a blue hat on the thumbnail. When equipping the hat in-game it turns out to be grey with a hint of purple..

Did TWI assign colorblind employees?