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Make 2 and 3 man more balanced


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Jun 6, 2019
I love playing 2 and 3 man games with my friends (Mainly duos) but we feel like we're forced to play a heal class on HOE because we can only heal 20hp has there been any thoughts on maybe making the healing scale based off the amount of people like the zeds? An idea I have is like
1p - 50hp
2p - 40hp
3p - 30hp
4p+ - 20hp

This way when playing duos and trios you don't feel forced to play a certain perks on higher difficulties I would love to hear feedback on this idea!
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May 20, 2009
I agree. The way HOE is balanced, you kind of better have a medic. And if you're playing alone, you're probably playing medic. And if you're playing with 2, one person is probably playing medic.

The benefits of having one are just too large to not have one, and it's annoying on lower player counts.