Major crash when using VOIP button

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Zergling ザーグ

FNG / Fresh Meat
Apr 6, 2014
Hey there TripWire,

I'm writing here for a friend (who isn't perfect at English) who is having quite the strange issue.

Every time he uses the VOIP button, his game crashes hard, and his computer with it most of the time. He also occasionally experiences strange mouse issues, causing his mouse to glitch, not to mention a bug causing him to repeat """""" over and over in text.

Again, all of this only happens after he tries to TRANSMIT a message. Receiving is fine, but the second he tries talking it all goes to hell.

His RAM is fine, he has no apparent virus on his system, and this only happens in RS2. No other FPS that he plays. (Keep in mind he doesn't play Red Orchestra 2, I can imagine it would happen there also).

It's been happening for months, and he hasn't really changed anything on his computer that would make this happen. No new antivirus, or other program, nothing.

Any help would be appreciated on this. I am really stumped as to what could cause a crash ONLY when transmitting VOIP.

Foster Parent

Tripwire Interactive Staff
This is the first report we have heard of this problem. I will check around and see what I can find.
BTW, in a similar subject, there is a new beta of Steam chat that is not working very well without our games. So you might temporarily encounter problems using it.