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Mad Husk [Mut]


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Jan 18, 2012
Big D
This used to work on a past server of mine. However, I didn't back it up, and I recently started from scratch. I'm also actually having problems with not only this specimen but others as well. I can summon the zed, but it's just not spawning. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

I placed MDgib.usx into my Staticmeshes directory. MadHusk.ini, MadHusk.u, and MadHusk.ucl were placed into my System folder. MD.utx was placed inside my Textures folder.

In my KillingFloor.ini under [Engine.GameEngine] I added ServerPackages=MadHusk.

Using a Web Admin interface I enabled the mutator by selecting "Add Mad Husk" and then set the selected mutators before switching the map. As far as I know this is what I did before, and I have no clue what additional step may be required. I'd prefer to avoid Sandbox at this time.

Edit: Just to test things out I did enable Sandbox and edited my killingfloor.ini file to include the zed in the KFMod.KFGameType section. The zed then spawned as expected.

I have decided that I actually do not mind using Sandbox for this now. However, I am wondering how I should go about creating my monster squads for the new specimens. I plan on using quite a few ultimately. For now I have just added the Mad Husk (reflected the MonsterSquad lines for the Husk) and Jason Vorhees (reflected the MonsterSquad lines for the Scrake). I decided to have the Mad Husk spawn in the same waves just like the Husk, and as of last night I had Jason Vorhees spawn just like the Scrake. However, I think I need to change that. Jason should be more special imho, and I wonder how the creator intended for him to spawn.
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Jun 14, 2012
Brooklyn, NY
Kane, TWI changed the monster coding during the Xmas 2012 event, so all zed adding mutators are broken because of this, and most people need to use sandbox now (like i do).

So you did nothing wrong, if this was before Winter2012, then Mad Husk would spawn with no problem.


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Mar 5, 2014
Perth, WA
Ooooh, this looks like a cool specimen to add to my sandbox(I'm guessing it will require it unless there's a mut to reset squads on map change? - or perhaps author has updated this to work with the recent version of KF?) play......anyone got a working download link....?

Also I think your server is dead: -tried connecting to it with the intention of trying out this new speciman, but got a connection failed..... Anyone else with this specimen on their server that I could try out to see what it's like before adding to my own, seeing how the download link is dead...and therefore I can't really test it myself on my own box...?