Machine Gun tactics.

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 19, 2006
The netherlands eyes are bleeding.

Anyway, it's obvious that both of you don't know what you are talking about. The way to fire the MG is from the hip and holding the trigger down, untill the barrel is smoking. Who cares if you hit something, as long as you look cewl while doing it. I mean, Rambo did it, and he killed US, Policemen, Russians, Vietcong and from what I hear in Rambo 4 he'll be killing aliens and fluffy baby seals.

You both must see the reasoning behind my statement...I mean, come on guys...Rambo

My previous weapon experience:
- fork and knife
- harsh language
- biological (after eating spicey)
- and others, which I'm not allowed to talk about, but they really are scary-looking...and hurt people...people in leather outfits...with masks and zippers on strange places...

Have Fun playing RO :D


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 8, 2007
no probs mate re the missundertsanding in terminology
those us marines and soldiers I have trained with during my years all use the term SF as well , im assuming they swat up on the brit terms before they come over to use our training facilities but i have heard the phrase gpmg role used by u.s. troops before also

to us brits the gpmg is the term for the weapon itself
light role is when it is in the section and SF role is in the as you put indirect fire role

no offence taken and none meant leiner

and greenhell , Rambo... ?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Oct 15, 2006
It's a realism-based game, not a combat simulation. All that nice, fancy military terminology is nigh-useless in a computer game where nobody fears getting shot.

The machine guns are area-denial weapons. That's all you really need to know. Just pick a position with decent frontal and flank coverage that provides good overwatch of a well-used enemy assault route. Spam that ammo in 10-12 round bursts (MG-34/42 will be just under a 1 second trigger squeeze. DP-24 is about the same).

Don't worry about the real world crap like plunging fire and grazing fire and oblique fire and blahblahblah. Suppress the bad guys as well as you can and don't stay in the same position for more than 2 drums (or one belt if you're using the MG-42). Eventually some hero is going to poke his head out and plink you in the head, and there's nothing you can really do about it, suppressive-fire or no.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jun 6, 2007
Redwood City, CA, USA
TBH, I hate the guys trying to be a Sniper with their MG's. Those trying to use 2-3 round per shot are making me sick.

It's a SUPPRESION weapon. You have to use long bursts to GET KILLS as well as keep their heads down. That conserving ammunition thing is BS.

That's so wrong it made my eyes bleed.

You can say it's a suppression weapon if you want, and it is, but some of us can get mad kills plus suppression, AND maintain long-term positions... by using short bursts of accurate MG fire.

Hell yeah, that's how I suppress. By killin'. I kill whoever has a pixel showing until they stop coming out and then they're suppressed. And if they poke out to fire, they're showing a pixel again and I can kill them. They never really learn to keep their heads down, you either stem the flow or you get overrun. :D

Of course that's when I'm in a really good spot where it's mano-a-mano but you know what I'm saying. Short bursts are by far better with all these MGs, as in real life when using a pitiful bipod support on a gun firing several rifle rounds per second.

Also your effective range is far longer with short bursts. Once you learn to aim low with the MG42 at range... and use short bursts... you'll find you can kill at even extreme range where the enemy is in the fog.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Aug 8, 2007
accuracy on short bursts is correct aye
the ideah of the SF (sustained fire role) certainly with the GPMG was that a six gun team creat a sieries of beaten zones over a target area (hence 20 round bursts to create this zone) roughly cigar shaped usually in conjunction with local mortar support, the short burst role (light role) is meant to be more surgical than the SF role

the MG is meant to be positionend with less moving around than the rifles of a section /platoon etc

but in real world that isok because the Mg has a cover man to protect him from nast surprises

and this is where real world and game part company
grenades in game tend to fly or bounce much farther than inreal life so hes prone to nade attack in certain circumstances

snipers of course

and the hard targeting jumping allover the place smger who coveres 500 meters to him in 10 seconds and jumps all over the screen firing from the hip getting redicoulously accurate hits ( never happens in the real world )

so in game MG differes from real world mg due to those and a few other factors
BUT find that certain position on certain maps you can lay watse AND not haved to move too often due to the cover offered by the graphics (gamma dark areas, scenery dissallowing being outflanked etc several maps have those certain sweet spot mgers wet dream killing ground positions, just gotta find em lol

certainly in RO i am still findong my feet on infantry maps (mainly as i get more graphic lagg)

but i can tell you in day of defeat and once i upgrade this heap of crap pc itl be the same in RO , i and my team had far more success winning maps by using suppressive fire fromt he MG than by trying to use it as a automatic rifle and loooking for kills

by putting a wall of lead at that feature on the right flank, thus denying it to the enemy (even if they try to pop pout to shoot) it reduces their options and my guys have been able to outflank them or the enemy has been forced to use another route more to our favour

dont missunderstand im not saying use it for large burst suppression only , im just saying in both real world and game experience i found it more usefull in that role than in targeting role as per a rifle
support the assaulting party with it, or set up your mg nest in a solid position thats teneable

one thing i do find annoying however is the selfish idiots in pub games that run past you without droping ammo at your position

it takes them all of a split second to do so and they cant be bothered , this is selfish and irritating

[50pc.] MERLiN

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 11, 2008
Here is my link for my Game Play Tips for our [50pc.] server:

I love my MG42, and it loves me back; you can ask anyone in my clan. I can effectivley shut down entire sections of maps, and i know good spots too. I can really snipe will with the 34. It just helps if you know how fast your bullet goes.

Also, being good at ranging targets doesn't hurt either. It also helps you range in tanks.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 5, 2007
In Danzig, I find that the MG42 works especially well, but it does have faults. Firstly, even if I basically single shot the MG, the MG is inaccurate and killing people plinking from windows because hard. At closer ranges, around 20 feet, it's quite easy but seeing as how 2 shots makes your sight cover up the target, there isn't much point. Yes, the tracers are horribly horribly visible, but if you pump enough lead down a chokepoint from a hidden position only snipers will get you, and in pubs snipers just plink, and aim isn't very good when the entire screen is darkening or blurring with yellow streaks everywhere.

MG34 isn't as good, but it's good for beginners. DP28 is best for sniping, and MG42 is the best, at least for area suppression. MG42 has a massive belt, fast barrel change, and also the sights are decent.

Sorry for the necropost.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 23, 2005
Here are some from a retired "MG Specialist", take them with some extra salt:

-Be paranoid. Check your back everytime. Especially in public games where there is little to no communication. Actually you start being a paranoid MG after playing *only* MG for a while(a good couple months), and after getting stabbed and bashed numerious times by your nemesises(ehm, murhis?).

-Single shot is useless. It's too unaccurate and unpredictable, make 5-10 round bursts instead. With DP-28 the bursts can be shorter(2-5 rounds), with MG-34 I find 3 round bursts perfect, and with MG-42 I try to make a 5-8 round burst. Using burst fire repeatedly pissess most people on the battlefield off, as it means you're specifically and precisely targeting people and they should keep their head down. If you chew through your belt on a single target, or trying to give "covering fire"(which doesn't really exist in RO), people will understand that you're not really a good MG(because you're revealing your position more and you'll be wasting off your time changing belts) and feel more free to run around in your fire. You can use single round ONLY when you really really need to stay hidden. Especially trying to take down a sniper who's aware of your presence. Don't try to show off, you have a huge magazine for a reason.

-Find solid spots on maps. Seems obvious, but as far as I see on public servers, few people manage to find them. A solid spot is a point where you can literally cut the enemy off from reaching an objective while being adequately protected from flanking, sniper attacks. These spots are usually of medium range for RO standarts(20-50m open space) so you're moderately protected from grenade attacks and you can spot snipers. These spots also should give you a confined space with a big item lying around to cover you from grenade attacks. You usually last here anywhere from 1minute to 10minutes depending on your and enemies' skill.

-Bind "throw weapon" key to somewhere easily accessible. When you're caught undeployed(repositioning, running around), or deployed with MG; hit "throw weapon" key and immidiately take out your pistol. You can buy a good 1-2 seconds which will give you an ultimate advantage of your surviving.

-Master your pistol. It's your best friend, and quite accurate to 30-50 meters. It can hold it's own against an SMG or a rifle, all this through the 7 rounds of magazine lifetime(which lasts 2-3 seconds :D). When you're out of ammo and the enemy is still living: RUN. Pistol whipping should be your ultimate humiliation method for rookie stabbers/bashers or unsuspecting victims(scoped snipers).

More to come as I feel like writing again(uni work :/ )
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S/Sgt. Raider

FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 8, 2011
The Wild Wild Southwest
Beautiful way to avoid flanking threats (in other words, an enemy just coming up behind you and, if he takes advantage of the ability, hits you in the head with his gun) is to get some buddies to guard yer rear and feed you ammo. In other words, essentially an MG team. It would suppress, it would survive, it would be able to maintain a position without getting killed every 5 seconds.

I usually choose A), except normally, I'm terrible at finding good chokepoints.

Edit: Does anyone else possibly go behind enemy lines into areas where enemy units are camping (if they're MG or sniper, I like meleeing them but usually don't accomplish such), eliminate them, take advantage of the spot and mow down closer enemy infantry/tank crewman up out of hatch?
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 22, 2006
Israel, Tel-Aviv
Best way to use a MG is placing it where the enemy doesnt run towards you. In other words, placing it in a flank and shooting from the left or the right of enemies running forward.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Feb 15, 2010
TBH, I hate the guys trying to be a Sniper with their MG's. Those trying to use 2-3 round per shot are making me sick.

It's a SUPPRESION weapon. You have to use long bursts to GET KILLS as well as keep their heads down. That conserving ammunition thing is BS.

If you shoot full-auto the barrel will degrade and ammo is wasted on the wall. I find very small bursts useful for killing people over a longer distance. I understand what you mean by saying the MGs are suppression weapons, but you're not trying to kill the scenery but the enemy, and that's what weapons are for.

My favourite MG is the MG34, pretty accurate, good controllable recoil, good capacity. Overall, a very balanced weapon.

Is the soviet MG anyone's fav? In comparisson it's technically the worst.