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M1 Garand Rear Sight Elevation Knob


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 30, 2011
Howdy! Really enjoy the game and it's attention to detail quite a lot. One of my favorite games. That being said (and maybe at this point it's too late to change anything but anyways...) i do have one point of contention: as a mild M1 Garand nerd, i appreciate the fact that the M1 has the correct (for the majority of WWII M1s) lock bar windage knobs. However the elevation knob is the postwar variety and in a game with a dedication to authenticity like this one, coupled with my nerddom, it break immersion a little bit (not knocking y'all you work with what you've got and model what's in front of you). The correct WWII knob should look like this: [url]http://www.cinco.ly/~AEAAdlc2RKUM#swipebox[/URL]

Anyways just wanted to point that out if there is anything to be done with it! Great work on the games!



Grizzled Veteran
Sep 25, 2014
When you reload it to eject the clip he doesn't push the button either. If you want to be super nit picky lol.
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