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Losing weapon


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Feb 15, 2006
When my weapon is getting shot out of my hands, my ammo is too.

Why do I lose my ammo too? Just because you lose your weapon doesnt mean you lose your ammo too, its in the pockets.

Isnt that unrealistic?

You shouldnt lose your ammo when you lose your weapon, because the ammo is in your pockets, not in your hands.

It is unrealistic that when you shoot the weapon out of the hands of the enemy, the enemy will have to pick up his ammo too in order to shoot.

This is totally unrealistic and destroys the game play.

Fu. Svedberg

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Nov 21, 2005
dktekno said:
It is because the ammo is linked to the weapon. Instead, link it to the body.

Let people pick up ammo from the body.

Can't be done since the ragdoll Karma is calculated client side meaning a body will not fall the same on all client computers this leading to the body being in different places for different players. And I guess you can see the problem with this if equipment is linked to the body.
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author has a little point... but its no big deal...

The first time it happened to me... I was shocked...
Looked at my "health icon" and noticed my hand... crawled back to my gun and picked it up with its ammo...

its a pain... and yes ammo should be in pockets... but its nothing big.

Codes codes codes... I am happy to be in networking because codes drive me nuts..
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Feb 8, 2006
vacationing on Mars
The worst is on a map like Kauk when all your ammo goes tumbling down the cliff. Thanks to the devs for ammo boxes.

I also appreciate the fact that the gun no longer goes flying like 20ft away from you and can (in most cases) be picked up immediately after being shot out of hand.

The only thing that is frusterating for me is the high frequency of the gun getting shot out of hands in CQB. I dont know about the realism aspect of this, but most of the time I try to stab someone with an automatic who is facing me, I lose my gun before stabbing, or right as I am stabbing.

I also have an issue with deployed MGs being 'shot out of hands.' Again, might be realistic. Can those pistol bullets really move an MG that far?

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Kalashnikov Slamdunk

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Feb 16, 2006
i belive this IS a show stopper and agree with the author.
when my gun gets shot out of my hands, there is no chance for me to survive, because i not only have to pick up the gun ( and its hard to pick things up in the ut engine) but at least 1 clip with it, wait untill he reloads, etc.
im not even talkign about how u have around 90% chance of duying while picking up the rest of the ammo even if ur lucky enough to kill that one enemy by picking up a single clip.
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Feb 28, 2006
Muddy_May said:

I also have an issue with deployed MGs being 'shot out of hands.' Again, might be realistic. Can those pistol bullets really move an MG that far?

(side note: your text is pure white in the edit screen..makes it hard to see..odd.)

I think in that case it isn't the bullet moving things so much as the avatar flinching and overturning the gun..
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Nov 22, 2005
Having won the engine I don't see how it's impossible tripwire can't actually modify things like this, if they have the knowledge and programming expertise to add shaders of different sorts they can also change this.

Ever heard of something called furthest edge of engine limitations?

It is annoying in some cases, but I do not really see it as a problem.

This is totally unrealistic and destroys the game play.

Yes it is unrealistic but how it does destroy the gameplay? It can be annoying but it is not like some inbalanced stuff with weapons or like some weapon bug or map bug or some other annoying which can cause problems with the gameplay.
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