Looking For Members (TTP - Take The Point)

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FNG / Fresh Meat
Jan 28, 2015
Hello everyone. I'm currently on the search for some gamers that are interested in joining a community or is currently looking for a group of people that would like to play some games with. We're a small community and we're looking to grow and expand.

A few us play a lot of killing floor and like to rack up on the achievements.

We currently host:
C&C Renegade
C&C Renegade X (free FPS game www.renegade-x.com)
Killing Floor
and Killing Floor 2 (when it releases)

Right now we have a lot of staff positions opened.

Game Manager - A member who is dedicated to running a certain game section or is interested in running a game division that we currently do not support. They're in charge of keeping that section going to maintain that game section. I would like to have someone who can run the Minecraft section but I'm okay with any other games the person had in mind.

Half Moderator - We are always open for moderator positions. We are looking for people who are active in the game they currently sign up for and is interested in helping uphold the server rules and also trying to help promote TTP to attract more members. @[member=HaOsLsE] recently rebooted up our C&C Renegade AOW server. If you're interested in helping with that, you're more than welcome to apply for a mod position.

Graphics Artist - A person who knows their way around photoshop and can help with creating images, banners, signatures, award medals etc for TTP.

Support Moderator - If you're unable to dedicate a lot of time to moderation but would still like to help out, you can always take on a support role in which it's a lower position from a moderator but will help maintain the same standards of a moderator.

If anyone is interested, feel free to visit our forums at www.ttp-gaming.net

We also have an IRC server irc.ttp-gaming.net and a teamspeak server at ts.ttp-gaming.net

You can reach me on steam: XpertMaverick

Happy gaming everyone!