Looking for a small community clan

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FNG / Fresh Meat
May 3, 2010
Hey all, I've been playing this game for an ok amount of time now, before i'd play with some friends but now i'm looking for more challenging games and the randoms i meet in suicidals just aren't that great :(
i didn't want to join some huge public clan where nobody does anything, so i'm looking for a small community clan where people actually talk and have a good time playing challenging KF.
So anyways, here are my stats:
med 5
support 4
sharp 6
commando 3
zerk 6
firebug 3
demo 6

umm, i'm usually the sharp with the xbow and dual HC's. but i can play combat medic as well. i am playing from central canada, so if you have any interest add me on steam or msn: rated-r-4-retarded@hotmail.com (lol don't question this, i was 12 and i played vice city)