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List of bugs active as of 1.4.2


Jun 12, 2017
Bug: If a Squad leader places a fire support mark then at any point opens the kit selection screen, that marker will not give the Squad leader fire support assist points when commander uses their marker.
Reproduction: 100% reproduceable. Place mark, open kit screen, commander use your mark, 0 assists

Bug: If you die after having placed a C4 or Claymore on the ground, when you respawn your detonator is tethered to the one you threw already. This makes it so you cannot place addition C4/claymore until it is detonated, and you must be within range. Can lead to situations where you cannot reach it as it is behind enemy lines / out of combat zone
Reproduction: 100% reproduceable. throw, die, respawn, cant use more until old detonated

Bug: Players who are role-kicked are immediatly able to reclaim their role. In essence, role-kick is entirely useless as people will take their role back instantly
Reproduction: 100% reproduceable

Bug: Dshkas do not respawn if a player dies with it in their inventory
Reproduction: 100% reproduceable

Bug: As a pilot if you are killed while the AA lock tone is active the sound will loop and keep playing once you are killed and even after respawning
Reproduction: get shot out while AA lock tone is active but before it fires
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