Level 10 infamy glitch

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Oct 3, 2021
So I've never had a trophy pop naturally for me in this game, I downloaded it on the PS5 when it was available on PS+ and only recently came round to playing it and finishing it 100%.

The only way I got the trophies were by closing the game down and then restarting it, this didn't bother me till I realised Ive done everything in the game and still waiting for the infamy level 10 trophies to pop.

Ive tried opening all the gates, fighting with level 10 threats for ages upgraded everything and even uninstall and reinstall the game but to no avail.

Never had this happen to any other game before and the only thing I'm hoping for is another update that fixes this or another playthrough for this 1 trophy which I'm not sure I'll even get.


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Oct 10, 2021
I have also had this same issue. I've heard people say be patient it eventually pops. But I've also had people say they had to do something to trigger it. But like you I have 100 percent the game not sure what to do now. Im also hoping there's an update or something soon to fix it


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Mar 11, 2016
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We are requesting save files from players on PS5 with trophy issues. We would appreciate if you could send in your save file to us through the support our support site.