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Legends, Movie Horror Icons and Mythology Bosses DLC's


FNG / Fresh Meat
Jul 30, 2020
So I have a multitude of ideas for this game but lets start here. So iconic movie horror aquatic life and legends as bosses.
Lets start off with something well known and upfront. Jaws... a great white that you can have an entire quest for maybe his own map if you wanna go big. If you make it a map you will perform several side quests and getting collectibles as well ect. As you do this you get his skin and or mutation basically. Then when you finally confront him you unlock the final piece. Now of course we can make this a little fun and give it a bit of a throw back to the movies. say...when the apex arrives (Jaws) a lone hunter boss along with other hunters appear. In order to defeat Jaws and to stun him to even get damage and bite attacks off on him you will have to wait for him to start his attack on the lone hunter boss which you will know when he will start his glowing red attack indicator when he gets off your tail. he will breach the water and charge the hunters boat with his mouth open. Then you have to bite and tail whip a hunter diver into Jaws mouth when near the lone hunter (they will be located under and around the hunter boss boat ) to trigger a sequence of some sort where the hunter will focus on the shark and blow the hunter divers oxygen tank up in his mouth

This being said, no this fight is not meant to be easy at all. this is a legendary shark. Jaws will do big damage to you if he catches you you can not do much damage at all trying out bite him and he will out damage you in a few bites. now...Not only that, you have a secondary objective if they wanna incorporate a difficulty mode into this DLC...you must keep the hunter boss alive as well and give him a health bar on hard difficulty. so you're evading hunters, jaws and trying to keep the hunter boss alive. the kicker is u can use jaws to one hit the hunter boats to slow him down off your tail to give you SOME distance. I'm actually a fan of quick action button sequences but you also have to and can move your stick or mouse to move so if this was a cinematic fight where when he chases you through caverns ect you have to push buttons on screen in order to dodge. not one or two but sequences (gotta keep it somewhat difficult right?) it would be amazing to watch if it was done in a dogfight mode from ace combat esque like way. the camera is facing to the rear of you where you see behind you. could have it shift as well to front view or even a jaws 3rd person view except a bit farther way so u can still see whats ahead of your shark easily. maybe even have the option to toggle different views yourself. but that's only if it was a cinematic semi scripted like fight. the only issue is every time he gets too close and i get that sequence could make it get annoying. the only way i can see this working is Jaws is a one hit killer. when or if he catches you mash buttons to get away from his thrashing and it triggers the sequence you will survive yes but you are going to have only a quarter of health left and if you mess up the sequences or button mashing to break free you are dead.

the alternative less homage to the movie and more lazy ish way: Now you could get a quest with all the same ol goodies as in rewards and quest lines. but Jaws aside from his size will basically be a great white with i guess bleed abilities or something of some sort or whatever devs would like to incorporate into his mutation if they would make one and not just a skin. i would suggest a very strong but slow shark basically a powerhouse juggernaut. with weakness to explosions magnified, but that wouldn't make much sense lore or canon cause jaws is fast in the movies and will be as a boss. possibly reduction in turn speed due to mass? idk. but anyway all this shark would be is another apex but smarter AI with high damage output and his strikes are fast meaning less time to have a dodge prepped. basically dark souls under water. oh and he can dodge too very well and you will have to use everything available to beat him. you use one attack too much and start hurtling objects he will/can or could knock them back at you and you have to dodge it. you start biting he dodges or/and tail whips you to stun you. you start dodging or waiting for him to attack and you play defensively he will start throwing feints meaning he will open his mouth and glow red then attack right after. meaning you have to watch his tail too and if his tail moves in conjunction with his mouth he is not feinting.

the laziest way...just a harder bigger shark with a tweaked harder AI. (don't do this it is repetitive)

that concludes Jaws as a whole DLC by himself. however if you wanted to do the less homage way and stay on same map you can add more apex preds or add a new map that has their own big areas. such as a huge lake area that you get to encounter Nessie (legend) and or lake placid giant croc (movie horror icon). you could also make their own stories that is one big dlc. i haven't watched placid in A LONG TIME or seen it nowhere near as much as i did jaws so i can't give an honest decent idea for him. You could also mix Anaconda (original) if you want a giant snake.

The Megalodon... well...a bit big for a wee bull shark as is anyway. That really isn't a fight just one gulp or chomp you're done and try to escape. However a quick action sequence as a cinematic Easter egg or part of the main quest could work. which would require a lot of space. As an Easter egg or part of a map where quests are mainly located in the deep pitch black part of the ocean The Mariana Trench where angler fish stay. you can find a small opening for instance that apparently leads you into even greater deep depths that triggers the Easter egg sequence. mainly everything is pitch black (aside from having some sort of night vision cause you are a shark and it is a game) so maybe a reduction in visibility would make it seem like or indicate you're very deep rather than staring in infrared the whole time of some sort. so cause of that i wont take much space (MB gigs) to create that with very little detail meaning sea floor above you that u came from... same goes for the mega itself. you wont see the whole body in great detail. you will be seeing a big wide open mouth chasing you at a good speed. it will close momentarily every now and then during the chase so you can look at its face, the reduced visibility and the fact you only have that floor above you, the meg head and mouth rendering only in high detail means it wont take up much space other than the scripted quick action sequence. A nice touch would be "Objective: Escape the Sealed Unknown Depths!" pops up on screen right after the cinematic cut-scene introducing the Meg and the cinematic chase sequence starts. another Easter egg they could throw into this one is as you are getting chased you see lights to a city below you (referencing Atlantis) as well as mermaids swimming to get out of the way as your approaching or any such small mythical creature as another Easter egg that hides to get out of the way or gets eaten. you then shot straight up and go though another hole making your escape. once you are a bit away the camera starts to pan towards the ocean floor where you just escaped from. it starts to shake and you see the meg burst through unsealing the unknown depths and go past the screen. you then get a front page of a news paper pop up on screen saying : Headline: "Do the prehistoric still swim among us?" Satellite image shows Shocking footage of what looks to be a giant mega shark! *insert game render version of real world shark picture* (in reference to that google image of that shark found) You also see in the article sub columns "navy camera footage spots what appears to be mermaids!?" (a viral video reference) and lastly "does Atlantis exist? strange lights seen near Mariana trench." then have our favorite announcer guy say something along the lines of "Ah it seems our favorite bull-shark has returned from her adventure, we lost track of her when she decided to go exploring out into the Mariana trench. I don't know what happened to our finned friend here but she seems a bit skittish or spooked. i wonder if it has anything to do with those strange sightings recently?" or alternatively as if he watched it all "Oh dear what did our little finned friend do. who knows what else lies in the unsealed depths. if you thought that was scary i wouldn't wanna know what else lurks down there. Those sightings could be just the start."
also when you are in the main area of the game or back in the trench exploring every once in awhile you will see a giant shark silhouette out in the distance. perhaps have a human arm and torso with fins appear on the corner of the screen that just visually spawns every now and then and disappears/swims away quickly as if it was just right in your peripheral but you always just seem to miss the chance to look. To reference the mermaids when exploring the trench or possibly have it happen in other open ocean dlcs. course you can also visit the mariana hole that the meg created but since it was just an Easter egg i believe it shouldn't be explorable and when you get too close to it. your shark turns around and quickly swims away and a message pop ups saying "Fear prevents you from going any further" also instead of invisble walls at the trench the borders should prompt you "return home?" wouldnt make sense for a fence to be in a the middle of the deepest part of the ocean. also i know sharks don't feel fear but they also don't feel revenge like in the base game either so bite me,

this could take place in the trench as part of the main story if we used this as the final quest after a main quest boss in the trench be it some sort of sea monster or prehistoric that isn't completely oversized.. cause that would pretty much leave it open to fit into canon lore on how all these creatures started appearing in the future boss dlcs and would work nicely if the trench was the 2nd dlc. the trench is huge so more monsters and areas could always be added,. but it is 1am and i got work. hope you enjoyed the read fellas. Stay Hungry!