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Left 4 Dead 2 Mod - Killing Floor


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Jan 18, 2010
L4D2 is brilliant. Though it does not have the long term replayability that KF has. I put that down to lack of maps more than anything else.

Yes, KF over L4D2 any day for me (thanks to the inclusion of some mission maps as well!).

L4D is a great game when you play it with friends in co-op games, especially in some of the community-made campaigns from l4dmaps.com. But the VS mode in L4D has the worst competitive community I have ever seen. It's ruined beautiful friendships as well. I don't see how anyone can play it for VS.
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Nov 5, 2009
Yeah, this was posted before...but it is still fun to watch. Someone put a lot of effort into that. I still enjoy L4D and L4D2, but Killing Floor has a different element to it that I enjoy. KF is more about survival, where L4D is more about moving fast from point A to point B. They are both good games.

I still wonder why TWI left the Patriarch's final line in that video out of KF, it's not like the characters themselves don't curse. It would be nice to add more venom to the Patriarch's utter hatred for the team killing his creations.
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Nov 23, 2005
Then there's a high chance that you haven't played KF. Or you play with no voice/music volume. :confused: A lot of people love KF just for the voices and music :D

Well, ok, I do own KF, and if you already have L4D2 this is a neat little gimmick. Its just the excitement in the first few posts threw me off guard like this was something much more than that.
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