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LAN play - please? (Seriously, pretty please?!)


Jun 10, 2019
I just want to be able to play custom maps with my friends...is that too much to ask? If we could just have LAN implemented it would be easy to play the way I want. I know that I can set up a dedicated server, but there are several problems with that:

1) The server takes up space and computing resources on my PC.
2) You have to have a static IP address in order for the server to work, something I can't and won't mess with on my PC.
3) It takes a lot of know-how just to set up the server (I know from experience), but adding custom maps to the server is an even bigger headache, even with the automatic "server tools" that some people have released.

In addition, there are very few servers that run custom maps, and even fewer that run ALL of them, and the game won't let me set up a private match on those servers anyway. I can find a private match on some random server if I use the "official" maps, but that's about it.

Anyone else wondering why LAN play hasn't been implemented after four long years of opportunity? I know it would probably take a radical restructuring of the game to do it at this point, but something like LAN should have been taken into consideration from the beginning.
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