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Lan Parties ?


FNG / Fresh Meat
Mar 20, 2006
Montreal Quebec
Now 29 years old, career, condo, 4 year relationship with a none gamer... I am just looking back at the sad yet free girlfriendless days... (And I would do another Lan party in a heartbeat if I could free myself for a weekend !!!)

I am sure most of us have been there, All gathering at a friend's house to have a sweet LAN party !

Obviously there are some great success stories, but I am sure we all wasted a load of time getting setup and well having many wonderful issues.

I am looking for success or frustration stories.

What has been your best LAN game, what has been your worst.



Setup in the past with windows 95/98
Getting everyone's LAN configured with both TCPIP and IPX... but that was easy.

All in all I never had too much issues resolving the above...

No game in this world has given me more frustration for Lan parties then a game I can call one of the best, most amazing strategy games ever.
Company of Heroes.
This game, refuses to negotiate with username's NAT
And this is recent compared to the good old dos/win98 days.


GTA1 with 5 people, with 10Mbit Lan built out of COAX and BNC connectors. I never got GTA running in a lan properly after that age of networking.

Duke3d, Blood, Shaolin Warrior. Those build engine games ran flawlessly on good old DOS Lans.

Warcraft2 and Starcraft... Need I say more. (nothing more reliable in this world)
(Note, Don't try to Lan War2 or war2bne. IPX/SPX required and no longer supported after Windows XP)

Battlefield 1942 / Desert Combat mod, me and 3 friends, against 28+ bots doing mass slaughter with helicopters and all kinds of vehicles.


Feel free to share your best titles.
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FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 2, 2009
I used to go to Guf, an internet cafe.

They had their own PCs with standardised hardware and a large selection of games.
They hosted overnight parties called "LAN parties" due to the popularity of cowadooty and other MP games.

My frustrating stories is when all my friends i went there with would be playing games like cowadooty when i wanted to play Crysis Warhead, Killing Floor, or something else.

Alphons Alphahane

FNG / Fresh Meat
Dec 22, 2011
Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors. Very easy to set up as long as you have the same versions. Whether it's a highly competitive 1v1 or a 4v4 5 hour medieval equivelant of WW1 on Black forest, it's all good. The best RTS ever created, the holy grail of LAN games. I still fire this baby up before a LAN in order to get slaughtered by grand masters on Gameranger.

I love this game with the power of 1000 WOlOLOOing monks. Honourable mentions go to Unreal Tournament, Age of Mythology and Sven CO-OP.


FNG / Fresh Meat
Nov 6, 2011
i have some friends with whom i gather for annual (sometimes more often) lan-parties since 1999. good times :) usually there are 8-12 people present.
we still mostly play oldschool titles because some of them still have ancient singlecore processors and pre-hd graphics cards that should be in a museum by now.

battlefield 1942: nothing beats stuffing a jeep full of satchels, waiting until someone gets in and drives away, then blasting them to bits :D

quake 3: some of the guys are just unbelievable, they don't play regularly but pwn me all the time. damn that railgun!

empire earth ii: one of my favorites, i still remember raping a defenseless medieval era friend with ww1 bombers. :D asymmetrical warfare at its finest.

soldier of fortune 2: raven office, omg there is nothing more epic in the oldschool fps world. lots of cursing and high adrenaline firefights. the horrifying sound of 'silver talon only' rounds. highly recommended!

sometimes we exclusively played civ4, but were never able to finish a match in time.

we played some other games as well but the above mentioned are the most popular ones and some of them are still being played every time we meet.

frustrations... just the usual. reinstalling windows, dying graphics cards, missing network cables, the inability of one or two people to join certain games etc.

i hope this tradition carries on for many years to come, it's always great fun, especially because i don't see the guys very often, except on our private forums and the occasional meeting in a bar.


Grizzled Veteran
May 2, 2006
Elitist Prick Ski Lodge
Does playing Duke Nukem3D 1 on 1 through a serial cable count as a LAN party? :p

Back in the student days, used to play a *lot* of Halflife1 with the guys in the shareflat. Great game for sneaky backstabs :D Also Action-Halflife and Delta Force I remember was a lot of fun.